Close quarters free for all

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This custom game is a free for all first gamemode in which there is a selection of 4 heroes; Reinhardt, Orisa, Doomfist and Junker Queen. Each hero is altered and will be used differently compared to the usual.

Note: while burned, the players damage output is reduced by 50% (not stackable).


-Natural HP reduced to 360
-Firestrike grants 50 overhealth when hitting an enemy.

Supercharge yourself after gaining 3 kills (supercharge is lost on death), this unlocks the following perks:

-Firestrike now burns enemies for 3 seconds.
-Charge is now sped up considerably, clocking in at 1000% speed.
-The user is granted an extra healthpool of 100 shields, which regenerate on their own.

-Block can be used to parry an attack at the close distance of 5 meters, stunning the attacker (12s cooldown).
-When earning an elimination, rocket punch cooldown is reset.

Meteor strike has been replaced. When ulting, select a target in your line of sight and press interact (usually F) to teleport behind them, stun them, and aim your punch. The punch instantly kills any enemy it hits.

-Energy javelin cooldown increased by 100%
-Javelin spin cooldown increased by 50%
-Energy javelin and ultimate deal bleeding over time and heal the user (20/second for 5 seconds on both stats).
-Fortify has been replaced, use shift to launch yourself backwards of the direction your facing (10s cooldown).

Junker Queen:
-Jagged blade cooldown increased by 50%
-Jagged blade delay increased by 300%
-Healing recieved reduced by 25%
-Commanding shout has been replaced, use shift to burn all enemies in a 10m radius (20s cooldown)

Junker Queens ultimate has been replaced to now grant the user an extra life! Create a savepoint on the map to teleport to when close to dying, others can see this point.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Tags: ffa limited
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Current version: 2.4.1

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