• Global healing and damage dealt set to 90%
  • damage recieved now causes healing recieved to be 50%
  • healing recieved scales over time from 50% to 150% (in combat -> 7.5 seconds -> out of combat)

idea from flats youtuber.

Disabled features: (enable in workshop settings if you like)

sleep dart and biotic granade are on 1 cooldown

ai question 1:

If you had to rebalance overwatch 2 what would you change
If I had to rebalance Overwatch 2, I would focus on several key areas:

Role Balance:

Tank Buffs: Tanks currently feel less impactful and engaging to play. I would consider increasing their survivability, crowd control abilities, or damage output depending on the specific hero.
Support Buffs: Similar to tanks, some supports feel overshadowed by others. I would look at buffing their healing, utility, or offensive capabilities to increase their overall value.
DPS Adjustments: Analyze data and community feedback to identify overperforming and underperforming DPS heroes and adjust their damage, cooldowns, or mechanics accordingly. Encourage diversity in the pick rate.

Hero-Specific Changes:

Review individual heroes: Identify specific heroes with frustrating mechanics, unbalanced kits, or low pick rates and make targeted adjustments to address their issues.
Reduce reliance on ultimates: The game currently hinges heavily on ultimates for major plays. I would explore ways to increase hero impact even without their ultimate available.
Ability diversity: Some heroes have repetitive or unimaginative abilities. Consider adding interesting new abilities or reworking existing ones to enhance gameplay and hero identities.

Gameplay Adjustments:

Map Adjustments: Analyze which maps have become stale or unbalanced and consider changes to layout, objectives, or spawn points to improve the gameplay experience.
Competitive Mode: Review the ranking system and matchmaking algorithm to ensure fair competition and rewarding progression for all skill levels.

Reduce CC: Consider adjusting or scaling crowd control abilities to limit frustrating lockdowns and promote counterplay opportunities.
These are just some initial ideas, and the specific changes would require careful consideration and testing. Ultimately, the goal would be to create a more balanced, engaging, and fun experience for all Overwatch 2 players.

It's important to note that balancing such a complex game like Overwatch 2 is a challenging task, and there will always be disagreements on the best approach. However, by addressing the concerns of the community and analyzing data, it's possible to create a more balanced and enjoyable experience for everyone.

2nd question:

Would it be balanced to introduce the healing curve tf2 has into overwatch 2? Where in tf2 if you take damage your healing recieved is halfed and ramps up over time?
Introducing the healing curve from Team Fortress 2 (TF2) into Overwatch 2 would have significant effects on the game's balance and meta, and its impact would be complex and multifaceted. Here's a breakdown of the potential:


Reduced burst healing: The healing curve would discourage burst healing tactics, making heroes like Moira and Ana potentially less dominant. This could lead to a more diverse support meta and reduce frustration from instant revivals or clutch heals.
Emphasis on teamwork and positioning: Players would need to be more strategic about taking cover and managing their health, incentivizing better positioning and coordinated team play.
Rewarding sustained damage: Heroes like Soldier: 76 or Bastion, who deal consistent damage, might become more viable as their sustained fire benefits from the increased healing efficiency over time.


Punishing aggressive play: Heroes reliant on taking damage to initiate or deal high burst damage, like Reaper or Winston, could be significantly weakened. This could lead to a more passive and cautious playstyle in the game.
Further disadvantage for tanks: Tanks already struggle with survivability against high burst damage. The healing curve would exacerbate this issue, potentially causing them to be even less appealing to play.
Complexity and learning curve: The dynamic healing system might be confusing for new players and add an additional layer of complexity to the already intricate Overwatch 2 gameplay.
Overall, the impact of introducing a TF2-style healing curve in Overwatch 2 would be significant and likely controversial. While it could lead to a more diverse support meta and encourage strategic play, it would also potentially punish aggressive playstyles, disadvantage tanks, and increase the game's learning curve.

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