Escaped Souls Containment Training Facility (ESCTF)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Listen up, Cadets!

We won't be having our usual ESCO lecture hour today. Instead, you will be given hands-on training in the art of soul catching...

How to play

  • This mode is basically 3v3 Capture the Flag except the flags are your opponent's souls
  • Eliminating an opponent causes them to drop their souls (Wrecking Ball)
  • Pick up opponent souls using Melee
  • Drop souls using Crouch
  • Bring the souls to your flag to score points for your team!

Tips and notes

  • Environmental kills will not produce souls. They will just respawn the victim
  • You can save an ally by destroying the ball that contains their soul
  • Souls will also be freed after 45 seconds (resurrects player)
  • You can force an opponent to drop your ally's soul by stunning the ball (using Hook, Flashbang, or Whip Shot)
  • Opponents will appear on your radar once you are close enough
  • You can still use voicelines while you are captured, except the Wrecking Ball will translate


  • Just for fun and lores sake, everyone in this universe is dead
  • There is an organization called the Escaped Souls Containment Organization (ESCO) that works to contain the worst of the dead/undead.
  • This mode is a training ground for cadets working towards becoming ESCO Officers

  • The Director's voicelines are inspired by Lord Shaxx from Destiny 2

Workshop Settings

Radar Options

Option Description Default
Radar Display Radius The relative size of the radar (does not scale blips) 0.2
X Position (On Screen) Offset that can be used to change the x position of the radar 0
Y Position (On Screen) Offset that can be used to change the y position of the radar -0.8
Radar Range Range at which marked targets will begin to appear on radar 30

Soul Options

Option Default
Time Until Release (in seconds) 30

Link to my Simple Radar Code

Made during the Elo Hell Workshop Jam | November 2020 | Theme: CTF (but not just Capture The Flag)

Players | 2 - 6
Heroes: Roadhog, Cassidy, Lúcio
Maps: Nepal
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.2



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