Aim Strafing Trainer


Aim Strafing Trainer allows you to practice tracking and scale the movement pattern to mimic real player movement. Everything is customizable and exposed you can change how quickly they dodge, modify heros that are spawned, change jumping frequency, simulate ability useage and so much more.

Useful Information:

  • I need healing changes your hero
  • Press Interact on the infinite ammo sphere to use it
  • Works with every map you are not binded to workshop chamber
  • Configurate bot movement patterns by navigating to Settings > Workshop Settings in the custom games menu. Full documentation is below explaining every setting.

Created by Mightyy
Special thanks Bloomer for some of the ideas

Configure your settings using workshop settings menu to make it as easy or as hard as you like

Bot Movement Change Strafing Max: Sets the maximum movement direction time
Bot Movement Change Strafing Min: Sets the minimum movement direction time
Bot Randomly Crouches: Can the bots crouch?
Bot Randimly Jumps: Can the bots jump?
Bot Spawn Count: Sets the maximum spawn number count for bots
Crouch Chance: Defines the frequency of how much a bot should crouch 0 = Always 1 = 50% chance 10 = Unlikely
Jump Chance: Defines the frequency of how much a bot should jump 0 = Always 1 = 50% chance 10 = Unlikely
Bot Health Scale: Sets the health max scale of the AI bots use 100% for default
Bot World Size Scale: Sets the scale size of the bots in world space use 100% for default

Bot AI Settings
Ashe Scope Frequency: Sets the frequency that the ashe bot should simulate scoping in
Genji Double Jump Frequency: Sets the frequency that the genji bot should double jump
Unpredictable Panic Turning: Should the bots simulate panic 180 turning to hide head hitbox
Bots Shoot / Use Abilities: Should the bots shoot and simulate ability usage
Lucio Uses Speed Boost: Should lucio use speed boost
Mercy Uses Valk: Should mercy fly around sometimes with valk ultimate
Widow Uses Scope: Should widowmaker scope in sometimes

Player Settings
AI Outline Color: Overrides bot outline colors in game
HUD Theme Color: Allows user to customize the base hud coloring in the mode
Ultimate Give Type: Sets the ultimate grant type between "Always Give Utlimate" or "Give After Kill"

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Update Log (6)

-Fixed a critical bug that caused mercy bots to attach to duo players (lol)

-Added Bot AI Settings D.VA Is Baby (toggles on / off if dva should spawn as baby)
-Added HUD Stats Accuracy
-Added HUD Stats Score

A new small update has been released. You can now modify the base movement speed of the bots.

Navigate to Settings>Workshop Settings>Bot Options>Bot Movement Speed

I've been busy working on my own standalone game aim trainer for Steam, but I thought I'd toss a few extra changes onto this code to improve it again... I think these changes will improve the gameplay in queue.

-Added a new Interaction in Map Change Hero
You can change your hero much easier now not many players knew that "I need healing" activated hero select, so It's much easier now by pressing interact onto the "Change Hero" sphere in the level.

Added a new Interaction in Map Give Nano Boost

Press "Interact" on Give Nano Boost sphere to instantly grant nano boost from a friendly AI. This was a highly requested feature.

Added a new Interaction in Map Spawn Mercy Pocket
Press "Interact" on Spawn Mercy Pocket sphere to spawn a friendly mercy servant. Pressing it again will destroy the mercy incase you get bored of having a damage boost.


  • I have renamed "Red" AI outline option to default. Some users are using colorblind outlines were confused so It's now named default, this option will use the default set color in overwatch, in most cases this is red but some people might be using colorblind outlines such as yellow for example.

  • I have improved mercy superjump from the AI, they will detect if they have been grounded for too long and seek to be in the air after a certain amount of time. The jump height from superjump is now also randomized instead of being hardcoded, this feels much better on my side.

  • Fixed a bug that caused phara to have unlimited fuel on friendly team

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