Place Dummy Bot by Thor#11113

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Place Dummy Bot 1.3.2

This workshop allows you to place a bot any spot you want on a map; The bot will stand there, and if moved (or if you move its target position), the bot will immediately start moving back to their designated spot,- this is especially useful for practicing boops as it simulates enemy air-control (I.E. if you boop the bot off a ledge but give them too much airtime, they will be able to drift back to the ledge like a normal player would).


Press INTERACT to set bot's position to where ever on the ground you are looking.

Press INTERACT while in spawn to change the bot's hero to your current hero. (default bot is Roadhog)

Press "Hello," to spawn/respawn dummy bot.

Press "Group up," to delete dummy bots.

Press "I need healing," to teleport back to spawn.

Press "Ult Status," to set a personal teleport point.

Press "Thanks," to teleport.

The game displays a speedometer, and if you are playing Hammond it will display a marker on the ground where ever you first start your Fireball.

Some bot heroes are set to perform basic actions; Rein/Brig hold their barrier, Sigma/Orisa/Winston periodically place a barrier in front of themselves, Hammond stays in ball-mode, Baptiste will throw out immortality fields. If people had need of other simple bot behaviors, I could look into adding them. (If you actually do not want bots to do any special behavior, then open up the workshop, open up rule "USER DEFINED VARIABLES", and change the variable "ActivateHeroSpecificDummBehavior" to False.)

Bots will spawn as the opposite team. Bots autorespawn upon death.

All communications (such as "Hello,") have a 4 second cooldown. The workshop will ignore any communications that occur less than 4 seconds apart; Whenever you use a communication, this workshop will display a 4 second timer to let you know how long you must wait.

Demo of Workshop: https://imgur.com/SK3dwht


Since making it I've been using it quite a bit to practice Hammond boops and rollouts, as with a target I can actually see the capabilities and tolerances of these rollouts to move a target. I imagine this workshop could also be used for practicing other characters as well.

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