Uber Zombies - Château Guillard

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The castle has been overrun! Dark secrets of failed experiments are now on the hunt for you!
Survive with up to four players. Over 20 playable heroes, built in perk machines, and loads of the undead.
Can you find the tools to stop the ancient beast? Or will you die trying?

Latest game code: [A4W1B] - v1.0.2

Hey everyone.
Here is my take on the COD Zombies game mode.
I've seen alot of zombie game modes that just focus on surviving and providing no other gameplay, objectives, mechanics, etc. I wanted to stray away from that and try to stay close to the traditional COD Zombies with a round based system, upgradable weapons, perk-a-colas, power-ups, etc.
Usually games end when all players die, but I added a quest within the game to provide an actual ending for the players to find out.
Anyways, I'll leave the rest for you all to decide. I hope you all like it and share it with people you know!
Enjoy the game! :)

- Crispy

Owner's Notes:

  • Make sure you have your Interact Key binded. That button will be used to buy and interact with stuff around the map.
  • The game has been play tested a couple times and still has some very minor bugs. If you find any bugs or unbalanced gameplay mechanics, feedback is appreciated.
  • Most movement based abilities have been turned off to make sure players don't reach unintended areas of the map. If you don't like boots on the ground type of gameplay, this might not be for you.
  • Updates will happen, which means gameplay will be subject to change and somethings will get buffed or nerfed or even removed. Balanced changes will also be considered.


September 11, 2020

*v1.0.2 *

  • Fixed bugs that caused game to crash with 4 players (-_-)
  • Made doors and perks cheaper
  • Fixed bug with the Lock Down Sqeuence ending and players still trapped inside
  • Fixed bug that was not allowing D.va to show up during the box spin cycle
  • Zennyatta ammo increase from 10 to 15
  • Mercy gets guardian angel and ammo is set to 100 when pack-a-punched
  • McCree now gets combat roll instead of flash bang when pack-a-punched
  • Fixed Torb's damage to stay the same as apposed to the recent Overwatch update. (The update increased his damage but lowered his fire rate)
  • Hanzo's points per hit increases from 5 to 10.
  • Increased the health for both the bosses.
  • Moira's meteor strike attack now does more damage
  • Brig will no longer be able to use whipshot during the boss fight as she can cause knock back to moira and will mis-place her. Moira will float around with the momentum from the whip shot and make it difficult for players to hit her.

Here's the latest patch for the game, I know there's still plenty of bugs such as the weapons box and the infinte ammo not working, but players can get around that for the time being. I will be working on other stuff for now so I wont have a chance to fix other bugs at the moment. Hope you all understand and will continue to have fun with this mode.
I will post the steps on how to get to the boss sometime in October, but for now, keep trying to figure out the easter egg quest! Good luck!

Categories: Survival
Tags: zombies
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Zarya, Ashe, Bastion, and 16 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.2

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