Hallowed Hunt (Early Version)


Four wanderers are lurking and searching for the one who has what they each want, that being that they are trying to get would be none other than the witch of the wilds! (By the way, this is a very early version, so it ends after defeating DR. JUNKENSTEIN. You can also change some settings by going onto the settings, then the Workshop Settings and change it to how you like! I hope you like! Also! Please give me feedback through the comments! I would like to use it to make the game better.

Categories | PvE
Tags | pve
Maps | Hollywood
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Current version | 0.7.0


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Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

Okay, it should work now (the new update)

Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

Wait... it's taking a long time to upload the code...

Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

Please notify me of anything that seems out of place or strange while playing, as I wasn't able to play it with my friends and test it (yes I was able to play it alone, but not test with friends).


thank you : )

Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

I am done with this patch, and now I just need to test it with my friends. Hope everyone like the update when it's out!

Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

Hehe, no school tomorrow for me, I get to work on the custom game all night.

Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

Sorry about it taking forever for another update, I've been slowly (very slowly) working on this custom game, as I didn't want to stress myself out to much. But I will finish this fight (fight as in custom game), I'll be working on it right now, slowly though, as I need to listen to my classes for today.


very nice :D can't wait to see the finished project

Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

Thank you very much

Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

Sorry about some problems, I had my friends play test the custom game, and I saw some problems.

Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

The update should work now


There are some really cool ideas at play here, cant wait to see the final version!

Zombi3Slayer#11232 creator

Thank you! I hope you like the Symmetra boss fight

Update Log (7)


Damage Received: 120% to 140%
Movement Speed: 50% to 60%

Other Changes:
Made it so that every hero on Team 1 has default settings instead of sharing Team 2 settings. Ex: If you are Mei on Team 1 before this change then you would have had 50% Health, 140% Damage Received and 60% Movement Speed. But now you will have normal stats such as 100% Health, 100% Damage Received and 100% Movement Speed while on default settings.

On Workshop Settings everything except "1. Number of Players Required to Start" has the maxed increase from 10 to 20.

Added some stuff back that didn't make it last update due to size constraints.

Big Changes
-Added Max Ammo to the Wanderer Settings in the Workshop Settings.

Small Changes
-Added a TP area for Hammond's if they got stuck in some specific areas.

Here are some Hero Changes.

Abilities 1 and 2 Cooldown: 100 to 0%
Spawn with Ultimate: Yes (was No before)
Damage Dealt: 100% to 30%
Damage Received: 100% to 10%
Healing Dealt: 100% to 20%
Healing Received: 100% to 20%
Health: 100% to 250%
Movement Speed: 100% to 80%
Projectile Speed: 100% to 50%
Ammo: 100% to 80%

Cryo-Freeze: 100% to 0%
Damage Received: 100% to 120%
Health: 100% to 50%
Movement Speed: 100% to 50%

Concussion Mine Cooldown: 20% to 0%
Concussion Mine Knockback: 30% to 100%
Steel Trap Cooldown: 80% to 0%
Spawn with Ultimate: Yes (was No before)
Damage Dealt: 40% to 30%
Damage Received: 80% to 20%
Healing Received: 80% to 10%
Health: 250% to 500%
Primary Fire Knockback: 100% to 300%
Ammo: 250% to 300%

Wrecking Ball:
Adaptive Shield Cooldown: 100% to 150%
Grappling Claw Cooldown: 100% to 110%
Piledriver Cooldown: 100% to 40%
Damage Dealt: 100% to 10%
Jump Vertical Speed: 100% to 120%
Movement Speed: 100% to 130%
Ammo: 100% to 120%

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