Tracking/Aim Trainer


This is custom training / routine to get your tracking and aim better. This includes few cool features like floating damage, headshot system and combo system. You can try playing this in PvP but I've never tested it.
SUGGESTION: Add 3 Ana's, 2 Zen's, 1 Zarya bots with the current gamemode settings.

Update 1.1:

  • Cleaned the code.
  • Fixed few bugs that floating damage text wasn't created.
  • Created a new "refresh" memory system. (If you don't hit any target for 6 seconds the floating damage text disappears).

Created by JÁYCØ#2117.

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Current version | 1.1.0

Update Log


Original version.

Contains a minor bug, sometimes floating damage text would not be created properly.


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GTwoody *

Hey man, I'm loving the code but i was wondering on how you enabled head shots only. I was also wondering if you could possibly add a feature where you gain like maybe 25 health per kill (which can be turned off and on) just so I don't have to keep going to health packs over and over again, thanks.

Keep it up :) - Background image