Genji Dash Training V3


Genji Dash Training V3:


  • Spawn anywhere from 2-6 Ana bots.
  • Increase the spawn range of the bots.
  • Enable strafing on bots.
  • Dash (400% damage increase) and Nano (150% damage increase) damage modifiers.
  • 180 dash mode. Tracks the difference in angle between dashes, and displays unstable rate between dashes.

Change Log (version 3)

  • Changed dash cooldown to 3s. (lower cooldown made blading feel weird)
  • Fixed issues relating to increasing and decreasing bot count.
  • Added 180 Dash Analytics. (Enter 180 mode to see)

Code Snippet

Heroes | Genji
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 3


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