Genji Dash Training V4


Genji Dash Training V4:

Main Features

  • 6 Training Bots
  • Damage Multipliers (Normal, Nano, Dash)
  • Bot Strafing (Toggleable)
  • Change Bot Type (Ana, Zen, Mccree, Widow, & Hanzo)

How To Use Buttons

Press Interact while aiming at button.

Damage Multipliers

  • Normal damage level.
  • Nano boost damage level (150%).
  • Dash one shots at this damage level (400%).

Change Bot Hero Type

Press Interact while aiming at Enemy Type button to get to next menu.
Then press Interact while aiming at the specific button to change training bots to that hero.

Enable Bot Strafing

Press Interact while aiming at the Strafe button to enable strafing.
Repeat above step to disable strafing.

Code Snippet

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Heroes | Genji
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 4


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Update Log (2)


  • Reworked UI to work by interacting while looking at button instead of standing in button.
  • Added the ability to change bot hero.
  • Ultimate now gets immediately refunded.
  • Temporarily Removed 180 Dash Practice Mode.
  • Removed the ability to change the number of bots.
  • Removed the ability to change the spawn range of bots.
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