Sneak to the Goal - Dont be Seen


Join the scouts team to sneak from spawn to the goal without being seen, use intel to see where the opposition is on the map and respond accordingly, hide in stealth zones to become completely invisible and immume.

Play as a defender and become powered up, defend the objective from the attackers.

What are players saying about this mode?:
"its the best" - me 2020
"very liberating" - random golf player 2048

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Update Log (3)

(fixed, partially tested) players can sit in champion select or lobby or something and stall things out (suggest forcing them to spawn with : start forcing hero, stop forcing hero, but have to see if they are loaded in but havent selected)

(temp) changed HUD clean/remake wait to 3 seconds to try and prevent issues

(done) jump gravity is wrongly increased on many characters, need to change that to vertical speed, only team 2 characters

(done) ults are activated on spawn but disable ult charge for all team 1 heroes

(done) in world message for tips

(done) disabled allowing player in queue for other games to join


things are a lot crisper now

(done) maybe a hud message would be good for alerting players on invulnerability status
  works but for some reason it disapears sometimes, could be caused by sleep

(done) QOL get alerted when players enter the danger zone with a text message, just in case you didnt see HUD

(half done, need to disable ult charging) balance all heroes ults, let hem have ults on spawn but set recharge to 0% to prevent more than 1 use per round
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