League of Heroes

  • Welcome to League of Heroes
  • This game is currently in Beta and this is just a test before the full release. There might be bugs or characters that are overpowered but these can be changed in later updates
  • Holding Interact for 7 seconds while standing still will teleport you back to base
  • By saying Group Up, your stats will display
  • There are currently 7 Heroes available to play with 1 unique ability each.
  • Doomfist - When you deal damage you heal a small amount, use your slow but big Magazine in your primary fire to sustain yourself
  • Echo - Using any ability shortens your cooldowns on other abilitys. As well as shooting for 1 second puts your abilitys cooldown down by 1.
  • Genji - Genji’s passive Assassinate makes you deal extra damage against targets with below half health
  • Lucio - Currently no Ability, working on it.
  • Roadhog - Healing yourself heals all teammates globally for 75 HP flat.
  • Soilder 76 - Hiting a direct hit with your rockets at close range roots them for a short time
  • Wrecking Ball - A small amount of damage you take is reflected back to your damager.
  • There are items in the game too!
  • Iron Blade - Increases your damage by a small amount
  • Warmongers Armour - Gain +1 healing as well as a Health boost
  • Chained Vest - Decrease your damage taken by 5% (Up to 50%)
  • Boots of Swiftness - Gain a small amount of speed
  • Assassins’s Blade - Gain a small amount Lethality - When you damage a target and your lethality is higher than their Health, you kill them instantly
  • Frost Fang - Gain damage and whenever you damage a player after a short time you freeze them
  • Witches Brew - Gain a Lifesteal on attack on a short cooldown as well as +1 Gold income
  • Dorians Blaze - Gain some Defense as well as a circle that damages people who are inside it
  • Forests Blessings’s - Gain Healing Dealt
  • Mercury Treads - Increases tenacity - The more tenacity, the less time you get affected by Workshop stuns and CC.
  • Scroll of Time - Adds CD reduction - Every second your cooldowns are reduced by your CD reduction
  • There are also One Time Use items
  • Time Locket - When taking lethal damage, revive to half health not giving gold to your killer
  • Whenever you get a kill or assist in a kill you gain Gold and XP. With enough XP you level up gaining gold income, health, and damage. - (Temporary until i can find how to make minions) Gain control of the Gold Fountain to gain Extra Gold. - A quick reminder that this game is in Beta and is Subjected to change.

Please give Feedback for nerfs and buffs at https://discord.gg/yPwCPbJ

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