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  • Welcome to League of Heroes
  • This game is currently in Beta and this is just a test before the full release. There might be bugs or characters that are overpowered but these can be changed in later updates

The Blue and Red towers do not do anything, head to the bridge at point 2 to collect Gold.

  • Holding Interact for 7 seconds while standing still will teleport you back to base
  • By saying Group Up, your stats will display

Some Heroes are in development and are being updated.


Hero: Reinhardt
Ability: Not finished
Ultimate: Become Unkillable for a short time.

Hero: Roadhog
Ability: Heal all teammates from anywhere on the map using "Take a Breather". Scales with Healing Dealt.
Ultimate: Stun anyone hit while using your ultimate. Stun duration is increased by Tenacity.

Hero: Hammond
Ability: When you are hit in Ball form, deal half the damage that was dealt that scales off speed to the attacker.
Ultimate: Use your ultimate to stun anyone around you scaling of Tenacity.

Hero: Doomfist
Ability: Dealing damage heals your for % of what was dealt. Scales of Healing Dealt.
Ultimate: N/A

Hero: Echo
Ability: Shooting and using Ablitites reduces the Cooldowns of your other abilitys.
Ultimate: N/A

Hero: Genji
Ability: You deal more damage to Heroes below Half Health.
Ultimate: Deal a chunk of damage scaling off attack to any surrounding enemys, then teleport back to an Alive Teammate. (If there are no teammates available Genji doesn't TP)

Hero: Soldier
Ability: Gain extra gold when getting the Finishing Blow on an enemy.
Ultimate: Normal Ultimate, but when you hurt an enemy you gain +1 gold.

Hero: Lucio
Ability: N/A (Lighter and less fast right now)
Ultimate: N/A

  • There are items in the game too!

  • Iron Blade - Increases your damage by a small amount

  • Warmongers Armour - Gain +1 healing as well as a Health boost

  • Chained Vest - Decrease your damage taken by 5% (Up to 50%)

  • Boots of Swiftness - Gain a small amount of speed

  • Assassins’s Blade - Gain a small amount Lethality - When you damage a target and your lethality is higher than their Health, you kill them instantly

  • Frost Fang - Gain damage and whenever you damage a player after a short time you freeze them. Freeze scales off Tenacity.

  • Witches Brew - Gain a Lifesteal on attack on a short cooldown as well as +1 Gold income

  • Dorians Blaze - Gain some Defense as well as a circle that damages people who are inside it. Scales off Damage Dealt.

  • Forests Blessings’s - Gain Healing Dealt

  • Mercury Treads - Increases tenacity - The more tenacity, the less time you get affected by Workshop stuns and CC.

  • Scroll of Time - Adds CD reduction - Every second your cooldowns are reduced by your CD reduction

  • There are also One Time Use items

  • Time Locket - When taking lethal damage, revive to half health not giving gold to your killer

  • Whenever you get a kill or assist in a kill you gain Gold and XP. With enough XP you level up gaining gold income, health, and damage.

- Gain control of the Gold Fountain to gain Extra Gold.

- A quick reminder that this game is in Beta and is just a Skirmish Type mode at the moment.

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