Do you like breaking all of the destructive things around overwatch maps?

Yes, I do No, I don't
Then scroll down and let me tell you about this amazing game I made! You liar. Look at yes instead.

Juct click the code and paste it into overwatch and now you have an entire server dedicated to breaking everything!
Set your server to public and now watch how many people will join because of a multicolored title and then leave because they didn't actually wanna play.

Don't like your destructive experience? Here's some solutions.
Solution 1: Change your hero. Then you can destroy everything with a whole new batch of abilities!
Solution 2: If that didn't work, maybe someone's making you angry. Press crouch + interact to start a vote kick, and then remove that nasty player! Unless they're the host. You can't kick the host.
Solution 3: Maybe you don't like the map, or everything has already been destroyed. In that case, vote to change the map! Then you'll be breaking stuff that the old map probably didn't have!
Solution 4: It may be possible you actually weren't lying up there when you said no. In that case, leave. Bye bye :)
Solution 5: Or maybe you weren't lying. Possibly you're just depressed and nothing can cheer you up. I can't really help you but I can tell you to seek some therapy, because that usually helps.

Did you enjoy my game? Leave a heart! 💚 It shows people that my game is definitely quality and that it's pretty nice, and I'm not gonna track down your IP address from it because that's probably illegal

Forgot to actually play the game? Go do it now! Or maybe you're just reading this because you actually wanna know what this game is about. Or you don't own overwatch and are just reading here to see what you're never gonna be able to afford... wait, =overwatch 2 is free.= What are you waiting for? Download the game and start DEMOLISHING THE MAPS!

Made by FmX#11374, code is 78GYS6. Have fun :D

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:



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