Random Abilities Beta

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Rein- Can go Invs with Charge, Charge on 5 sec cooldown, Can heal 200hp with any Elm he gets,Burns people with abilty 2

Widow- Can heal 100hp each elm she gets

Junk-Can Insta Kill with both mines, only 1 Frag and Long cooldown on Mines

Bap- Primary can now set gravity to 5, Can unpause timer using his heal

Bastion-can now heal overtime(10℅ chance you might never die)

Pharah-If deals knockback she stops the Timer of the match on longer cooldown

Tracer- Can stop either Heal or Damage over time if she dies to Reap or Bastion

Reap- Can go invs with ult, abilty 1 and 2, extra health

Lucio- When ever uses boop his nect boop will 5do more knockback, Can Instakill everyone with ult

Dva- Whenever uses ability 1 she goes invisible and sleep for 10 sec, If uses missles it will heal the person hit by them by 10 per missle

Moria- If uses Damage Orb can sleep victims for 3 seconds, (new ability soon)

Zen-Can go invs while ult is used, kill random player with discord orb

Mercy-Res and Glide shw can go invs, Valk if Battle Mercy you can insta kill

Winston- Can go invs with ABility 1, Ability 2 still underwork(Res)

Echo- If duplicates should be 700hp(Underwork), Can go invs during ability 1

Sym-If 7ses turrents she goes to 3 Gravity, whenever ult used heals overtime

Sombra- can now go double invs so If dected they have to find you, can heal random player to full with ult, can heal random player 10 hp with translocator

Characters with 1 ability in next update will get new ones

Assult,Control,Escort,Hybrid,Capture Flag, Deathmatch, elimination, Team Death Match 6v6 or 12 for Deathmatches

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes:, Reinhardt, Winston, Bastion, Echo, and 11 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0

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