Overwatch Ninja Storm

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Who is the ultimate Overwatch Ninja?

Genji, Hanzo and Kiriko face off on their home turf of Kanezaka in an epic ninja FFA battle!


  • Empowered melee abilities (Ninjutsu)
  • Reworked Kiriko as damage role
  • Ultimates grant additional power
  • Wait mode: Play with bots while waiting for players and learn the game mode reading tips & tricks.
  • Catch up mechanics for late joiners

Powerups: Ninjutsu

Powerups spawn on random locations on the map, often requires wall climbing (and sometimes acrobatics) to reach. There are multiple different types that can spawn that each grants the player a different empowered melee ability (ninjutsu) that has a short cooldown.

Name Description
Hadouken Shoots a large fireball that deals very high damage, pierces through enemies and cannot be reflected.
Ultimate boost: Cooldown reduced.
Chidori Quickly dash forward a short distance, passing through players and hit them with lightning. Players hit are damaged and stunned a short duration.
Ultimate boost: Cooldown reduced and damage increased.
Hikarakuyō Launch a large shuriken that travels a short distance and scatters into multiple smaller shurikens that ricochet off walls. May critically hit.
Ultimate boost: Cooldown reduced.
Shunpo Move almost instantaneously to your targeted player from across any distance (and perform a melee attack). Requires a target in line of sight.
Ultimate boost: Deals extra damage and reset all ability cooldowns
Raging wind Perform a barrage of supersonic punches that produce short range shockwaves. The last punch deals extra damage. Ultimate boost: Extra damage and longer reach.
Ice Blade Shoots a large shard of ice that deals damage and freezes enemies hit.
Ultimate boost: Additional projectiles and longer freeze duration.
Hakkeshō Kaiten Create a spinning chakra shield that nullify all attacks, deal damage and knock back all nearby enemies.
Ultimate boost: larger area and increased damage.

Dying while in possession of a Ninjutsu will drop it. The ninjutsu is unavailable for 5 seconds before it can be picked up. If not picked up after 10 seconds of being available it will disappear into the powerup pool and spawn in a random location.

Picking up a ninjutsu while already wielding a ninjutsu will replace it with the new ninjutsu.

Note: Individual ninjutsu types can be manually toggled in the workshop settings.

Kiriko reworked to Damage role

  • Removed Support passive (self heal)
  • Disabled Primary fire
Ability Name Description
Passive Bleed Kiriko deals 10 extra damage over 1 second when dealing damage.
Ability 1 Leap Lunges Kiriko in the movement direction a short distance.
Can only be activated on ground.
Ability 2 Smoke bomb Works like a regular suzu, but instead of healing it grants Kiriko invisibility and movement speed for a short duration. The ability is interupted by attacking.

Ultimate Boost

Using your ultimate ability immedietely grants an additional 100 unrecoverable health, for 15 seconds you are boosted with an upgraded version of your equipped ninjutsu and quicker ability cooldowns.

Minor hero adjustments


  • Gains a movement speed buff and is healed slightly when getting eliminations.
  • Attacking with dragon blade counts as meleeing for triggering ninjutsu. Some ninjutsu may be slightly modified to fit better with the dragonblade attack.


  • When firing his ultimate he rides with the dragon and may jump off at any time.
  • Critical hits award extra ultimate charge and heals hanzo for a quarter of the damage dealt.
  • Lunge has reduced cooldown and greater reach.

Game Settings

Name Values Description
Gain score on powerup pickup On/Off If enabled, this option awards one score when picking up a Ninjutsu powerup.
Killstreak system On/Off Announces a player gaining 5 score withoud dying. Killing this player awards extra score and ultimate charge.
Newly joined players gain catchup points On/Off If the match has started, new players that join gain score equal to the lowest scoring player.
Players required to start match 4-8 When this amount of human players have joined the game the match will start.
Remove all bots on match start On/Off Removes all non-human players when the match is automatically started.
Note: setting this option to 'off' allows the match to be played with bots, and bot players will be counted towards the required players to start the match.
Remove random bot on player join On/Off When a new player join the game, a bot is removed to make space.


Please be kind and leave me a comment if you've played the mode and give me your thoughts. If you encounter any bugs please let me know and I'll squash them. Thanks!

Players | 4 - 8
Heroes: Genji, Hanzo, Kiriko
Maps: Kanezaka
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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