A modification of the gamemode I run with my friends.
Adds more cards and Adds damage falloff % as a stat (Makes you do less damage the further you are away. But more if it's negative).

Pressing interact shows a hud menu thats shows all your stats.

thats it very simple deviation.
it also fixes the fucking hud from being off my screen. (for cards, shield cooldown, and health (number) )

Made in 1.2 Ported to 2.2

Some stats stay additive no matter what for more accurate stats. and more simularity for rounds

Name Stat change Addiontal effects
Murder None Instantly kills your opp. (1 time)
Random Mixture of Soda Randomly changes your stats : (for better or for worse) Health, Firing delay, Reload Time, and Damage.
Gunparts Abit more: Damage and firerate
Ranged -0.25 Damage falloff (+)
Blitz +3.5 damage falloff (-). +More damage and +More movement speed If your falloff is below 0% it will be set to 0% before this is applied (-)
Fuse (+) Abit more damage per bullet. (-) Lose all but 1 ammo.
Duplication - Abit less damage. + Alot less firing delay. + 2x ammo
Nuclear + Alot of damage, - Alot of firing delay. - Alot of reload time. + Slightly larger bullets
Long Barrel -1 Damage falloff (+). - abit more reload time.
Sniper -15 damage falloff (+). - alot less size. - alot more reload time.
Oh hi there None (+) Become Baptiste {Passive Healing, And Crouch jumps}
Your mom None (-10% joke rating) - Useless card
Im going to win a card down None - Useless card

I also modifed some cards

Now can stack the Damage over time.
No longer applies other effects from it hitting
Reduced to 3 Stuns.
Each stun's duration is reduced
Demonic Pact
No longer can kill the user from firing it.
Increased Health reduction
Decreased invicibility after respawn.

I will say that all credit goes to the original creator and this version has a modified ui for console players

Had something here before, mustve been the wind


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 2 - 2
Categories: Elimination, 1vs1
Heroes: Cassidy
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: I don’t do this


Toggles Stat Ui
Toggles Stat Ui
Toggles Stat Ui
Toggles Stat Ui
Toggles Stat Ui

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