Bed Lump but in Overwatch


Inspired by TheMaximus's Bed Lump mod for Undertale.

Boom-Teh-Boom-Teh-Boom-Teh-Pah! Do not resist your true identity!

A random player becomes a Bed Lump.

Players that are not Bed Lump have to hunt down the Bed Lump and stop it from Drumming.

Player that is a Bed Lump must Drum and don't get caught.

Bed Lump Controls:
Press LMB/RMB to switch between Bed Lump types.
Interact to toggle the 3rd Person Camera.

Players that are not Bed Lumps can stun each other by meleeing.

Bed Lump's abilities:

Passive Ability: Bed Lump
Bed Lump can gather the ultimate by just Drumming. But it'll lose all the ultimate, if it's killed.

Ultimate: Lump-Off
You challenge the players to a Lump-Off. They have to emote, or else they die.

The game ends whenever:
Bed Lump drummed for a total of set seconds.
Or Bed Lump runs out of set lives. The Player with most kills wins.

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