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Based on the game Five Nights at Freddy's. One nightguard must fend off incoming animatronics using their cameras and doors.

Nightguard Controls

  • Aim at buttons and press primary fire to use them.
  • Cameras help the nightguard keep track of the animatronics and also drain the attack power of animatronics if they are not fully charged.
  • The white buttons by the doors control the door lights. The door lights reveal animatronics right outside the door. If the nightguard can see an animtronic in the doorway, they need to close the door or the animatronic will be able to attack.
  • The red/green buttons by the doors control if the door is open or closed. If the button is red, the door is open, if it is green, then the door is closed.
  • The nightguard must manage their power or they will runout before 6AM.


  • The animatronics are tasked with killing the nightguard.
  • Before they can attack the nightguard, the animatronics must build their attack power.
  • To build attack power, animatronics must stand still in line of sight of cameras. However, if the nightguard can see the animatroics on camera, their attack power will start to drain and they may have to move to a new location.
  • Once the animatronics have enough attack power, they can approach the nightguard's doors.
  • Before the animatronics can attack, they must wait 5 seconds. This gives the nightguard a little time to shut the door.
  • If the nightguard shuts the door, the animatronics power will start to drain. Once the attack power reaches 0, the animatronic will be teleported back to their start position.
  • If an animatronic is prompted to attack, they will be able to bypass the nightguard's door regardless of if they are open or closed.
Animatronics Abilities
D.Va If D.Va stands in the orange light at her spawn location for 30 seconds, she will be able to charge into the nightguard's office if the door is not closed.
Mercy There are vent openings scattered around the map that Mercy can use to fast travel.
Sombra Sombra can hack cameras so the nightguard cannot use them.
Winston Winston can press interact to use his cloaking ability. He can also use his ultimate to instantly charge his attack power.
Reaper Reaper can create a teleport point where he is standing that he can recall back to if he is within 40m of it. He can use wraith form to create severe static on cameras that can see him. Reaper has a passive that disables the nearest camera in LOS for very short periods of time giving it a "flickering" effect.
Bastion Bastion moves 25% faster due to a lack of an exosuit. Bastion is only available if the main animatronics are currently taken
Players | 2 - 10
Categories: Survival
Heroes: D.va, Winston, Sombra, Mercy
Maps: King's Row
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Last updated:

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