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There is 20 Roadhogs hiden on map.

Go get Them !!!

General Informacions

  • Collect Roadhog with melee
  • There is a list of available maps in workshop settings
  • best experience is while playing solo but you can play with 2 other people if you want
  • usually the size of roadhog is 25% of normal
  • Each map has 3 difficulties you can change difficulty in workshop settings

If you want to create your own map, follow this instrucions:

  • turn on every rule in Editor section
  • turn on last action in "int: hog + editing hog indicator" rule
  • Start game
  • Press ultimate to create new roadhog
  • press secondary fire to enter editing mode
  • shoot roadhog to start editing him
  • press reload to change hog position
  • press ultime or crouch and ultimate to change roadhog size
  • press secondary fire to leave editing mode
  • repeat 20 times
  • Copy global variables in inspector
  • paste it at the begining of "load map (template)"
  • remove every var apart from "spawnpos" , "facingarray" , Scale_Roadhog
  • change map in condition
  • Done


Players | 1 - 3
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: Cassidy
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0


Collect Roadhog
Collect Roadhog
Collect Roadhog
Collect Roadhog
Collect Roadhog

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