FPO - Fast Paced Overwatch UPDATE

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Tired of slow characters and gameplay?
FPO makes everybody fast squishys with new passives.
You can air strafe by punching in the air.

The Climb rule is from Waitedboat#2760

Using Whip Shot teleports the victim to you and using Rally teleports all players to you and makes you invisible.
UPDATE:Crouch and use whipshot to teleport a enemy on your cursor to you, this sets the cooldown to 25 seconds. Whipshot in air and hold primary fire to dash forward, this can be spammed.

Ana can't use primary fire, Ana Nade hacks victims and dealing damage sends victims downwards.

Soldier's Helix Rockets teleports him to the victims.

Sigma takes no knockback and Kinetic Grasp heals Signa for 50 health.

If Lucio is in the air Lucio has higer projectile speed and lower damage. Punches hack and so does Soundwave but if your crouching Soundwave stuns instead.

Reflect heals Genji for 20 health.

Widow gets 10 sheild per kill.

Primary Fire heals Symmetra.

Damaging Torb damages the attacker, can only use hammer. Using overload increase his defence and getting a kill with turret out full heals Torb.

Primary Fire hacks victims.

Landing Coach Gun sets Dynamytes cooldown to 0.

Mercy's bullets deal poison and creates beams telling you where the victims is.

Sadly, Zenyatta

Dealing damage heals Orisa, earning eliminations give her 15 sheild.

Baptiste sprints while crouching.

When Junkrat takes damage he gets faster. His mines automatically explode after 6 seconds.

Fade teleports Moira to the nearest player and using Primary Fire pushes her forward.

Rolling pushes McCree upwards if the jump button is held.

Tracer gets 2 ults every 100 seconds and recall pushes her upwards.

Increased air speed, air strafe, and wall jump.

D.Va needs to earn her mech and when she get a elimination she teleports to the victim.

When Mei deals damage it makes the victim trip, she can only use Secondary Fire. Ice Wall explodes after 6 seconds.

Getting killed does 50 damage to killer, if killer dies then revive Zarya.

Hold crouch in the air spikes Hanzo, this can be spammed.

Hold crouch in the air to get a boost forwards, this can be spammed. Flight heals Echo for 50 health.

Meleeing while crouching gives Roadhog a major boost in the air.

Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Maps: Hanamura, Dorado, Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Oasis, and 5 more...
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Melee + Crouch
Certain new abilities.
Crouch + Air
Certain new abilities.
Certain new abilities.
+ Air
Certain new abilities.
Certain new abilities.
+ Air
Certain new abilities.
Certain new abilities.
+ Air
Certain new abilities.
Certain new abilities.
+ Air
Certain new abilities.

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