This is a fork of "You are OP... But in what way" by /u/Kychahh. I was really enjoy playing the mode but what began as desire to just make Zen teleport off the map get kill credit turned into me learning more about workshop and expanding the game. Props to Kychahh for coming up with the idea for this mode originally.

I've fixed many bugs which but key differences between this and the original are as follows:

General Changes

  1. HUD Text rewording
  2. HUD Placements no longer block the QP/Comp Queue timer
  3. Support for Havana, Kanezaka,Malevanto,Black Forest,Necropolis and all holiday versions of the standard maps for Zen and Torb
  4. Changed Paris and King Rows Torb Ult location
  5. Health packs scale with health
  6. Hero ult charge is maintained between deaths

Hero Changes

I've made a lot tweaks to various heros but the notable changes are below

Hero Original This
Ana Any damages ,damages all The original Ana ult seemed to crash the server with excessive load. I changed it to be guranteed death/sleep poison for all damage while Nano'd.
Ashe Dynamite Spam In addition to the previous ability I added my own tweaks and made it so she goes invisible while Bob is out
Baptiste Killing blows give you a heal over time Immortality field now reflects all direct damage and heals Baptiste for that amount. Also lifesteal 45% via Primary fire
Bastion Various Levels The same just fixed bugs related to Level 2 and increased his move speed. He also no longer autofires in Level 2 due to OW2 changes
Brig No Shield Bash Cooldown Just tweaks and made the shield bigger
Doomfist Instakill fisting Same + freeze targets with primary fire for 2 seconds
Echo Non Stop Secondary Fire Same + flight and ult are enabled. Ult copies some of the other heroes enhanced abilities
Genji Unlimited dash and jumping Swiftstrike/Dragonblade create a dot and grant temporary invisibility
Illari N/A Increased damage during ultimate
JunkerQueen N/A All damage disables primary/secondary fire
Junkrat Strong Damage Added a passive and made him invulnerable while ulting. Also enemies teleport to him when he is killed.
Kiriko N/A Swiftstep in facing direction 10m
Lifeweaver N/A Lifegrip enemies to weaken them. Damage to enemies heals for 15
Lucio Super Boop Removed the ult as it seemed less useful on maps with no boop spots. Replaced it with an ult that drops people in the area near the Lucio ult through the floor. Also added other Lucio buffs
Mauga N/A Teleports all to this cage and increases damage by 5x while providing extra shields.
Moira Orbs increase in damage over time Same except her ult has been turned back on. Fade is also on but the cooldown changes based on the damage level
McCree Stun closest player Same but also gains armor with all damage and ults from the air + other tweaks
Orisa Nuke Same but base armor is increased plus on level 2 armor is doubled. She also has bounty of 6 points. Nuke Animation added using code from 흐야야 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I5TzS4pZQ8
Rammatra N/A Ult Heals him when he does damage with it
Reaper Spawn with ult Same except added the ability to wraith through walls
Reinhardt Strong damage Same except added epiccenter shatter
Roadhog Throwing players off the edge and infinite ultimate Same except added a self heal. Special hook disabled on maps without cliffs
Sigma Controls gravity Same except added fall damage and kill credit for env kills
Sojourn N/A Disruptor shot drains ult charge ,slows targets and heals Sojourn for 25 per tick.
Sombra Ult hacks everyone Same except all damage auto hacks and set all enemy players health to 20% as part of her ult. She also has "super stealth" which makes it so Hanzo/Widow abilities can't see her
Torbjorn Ult summons lava Same except he gets kill credit for lava deaths and is immune to the lava himself
Tracer Speed Force Same except the game itself tracks health pack collection instead of just tracers health since there are number of problems when a user for example rewinds immediately
Widowmaker All damage instant kills Same except she can shoot through walls while ulting
Wrecking Ball Invisible while ulting Same except he auto dumps mines out for 18 seconds
Zarya Becomes a black hole Same plus added effects and made her be charged to 100 while this is happening. This kills enemies to close to her. Also bubble has a chance of healing
Zenyatta Teleports victims Same except I added kill credit for this and dynamic text to victims. Also his ult teleports all players to him.

Gameplay changes

  1. Players(excluding Orisa) who have killstreak of 5 or more have their location revealed and a bounty of 3 to kill them. Players who suicide while having a bounty lose 5 points.
  2. Optional Unlimited/Endless mode added inspired from another fork

Feature Requests, Questions, Feedback?

  1. I'm always looking to improve this fork so please leave them in the comments or hit me up on Twitter. https://twitter.com/ThePwrBottom_OW

Known Issues

  1. Zayra dying or leaving during her ult can sometimes cause players to become permanently stuck
  2. Orisa Level 2 doesn't always clear HUDs right away
  3. If 2 many events are going on simultaneously (Torb Ult,Zarya Ult etc) the server can crash due to load
  4. Tracer leaving during speed force can sometimes leave the game in slow motion
  5. The code intended to prevent players from getting the same hero twice isnt working. As a result it may be possible for Orisa's ability to glitch timingwise
  6. Taking damage from Sigma's ult is not consistent between maps
  7. New nuke feature may be buggy :P

Overwatch 2 Known Issues

  1. HUD Placement is not aligned correctly
  2. The scoreboard grows with the other huds for some reason
  3. Rein and Sigmas shield can't regenerate
  4. Heroes aren't spawning with the correct amount of health.
  5. See also https://workshop.codes/wiki/articles/ow2-workshop-changes


  1. All the maps supported are not turned on by default. I have decided to only enable the maps that I've found the game to be the most enjoyable to play on.


The game is also available in Korean https://workshop.codes/MMRH9


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: All
Maps: Hanamura, Paris, Dorado, Havana, Route 66, and 13 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.43.5

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