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Welcome to Showdown, my first workshop project and a simplistic deathmatch mode in which you can play as five characters:

  • The Fighter;
  • The Swordsman;
  • The Archer;
  • The Gladiator;
  • The Ninja.

This custom gamemode is focused on quick and chaotic battles with up to 12 players in various deathmatch maps. To win, you must acquire 50 kills.

Each character deals high damage, making most battles end in a blink of an eye.


The Figther [DOOMFIST]

He's quick, he's agile, but most importantly, he's powerful. Equiped with nothing but his fists and his enormous glove, The Figther is a powerhouse that moves fast and hits hard. He also has excelent air mobility, so watch out, or you'll get stomped from above.

  • HP: 150;
  • Quick Meele: 90 damage.


The Best Defense...

Unaltered from its original counterpart, this passive fits his aggressive playstyle like a glove... literally. Every enemy hit with his abilities grants him 35 overhealth, but don't overdo it, because you can still die easily in this gamemode.

Seismic Slam

The ability that makes him a force to be reckoned with. He lunges into the air towards his line of sight and punches the ground with great strength, creating a shockwave that deals massive damage against anyone that stands on his path.

  • Damage: 150 per target;
  • Cooldown: ~1.75s-2s.

Rocket Punch

The Rocket Punch is his signature move, and his most powerful blow. The enemy won't even know what hit them when they realize it is too late. It launches the enemies backwards and deals extra damage if they hit a wall.

  • Damage: 75 - 150 on impact, 30 - 90 if the enemy hits a wall;
  • Stuns the enemy for 0.25s if they hit a wall;
  • Cooldown: 1s.

Power Block

Just like its original counterpart, the Power Block gives The Figther a 80% damage reduction, and if enough damage is absorbed, his next Rocket Punch becomes a Nuclear Punch.

  • Duration: 0.35s min, 2.5s max;
  • Damage Reduction: 80%;
  • Empowered Rocket Punch: +50% damage (112.5 - 225 damage), +50% speed and distance, increased blastback radius and the stun after hitting a wall is 0.75s.

The Swordsman [GENJI]

A warrior that fights for himself with his sword. His inner harmony is reflected on his skills as a swordsman. With the ability to dash forward, parry incoming attacks, climb walls and double jump, the samurai has a perfect balance between offensiveness and defensiveness.

  • HP: 200;
  • Damage: 137.5 damage per slash;


Swift Strike

Mostly unaltered, the Swift Strike is a dashing attack that can be used in more ways than only to inflict damage, showing his versatility and balance.

  • Damage: 62.5 damage;
  • Cooldown: 8s.


An essencial part of the swordsman's arsenal, the Deflect can parry almost all sources of frontal attacks and send back projectiles to their owners.

  • Area of Effect: Frontal Attacks only;
  • Duration: 0.27s min, 2s max;
  • Cooldown: 8s.

The Archer [HANZO]

A man that fights from a distance, killing one enemy after the other with surgical precision. He fights to find redemption for the sins he has committed.

  • HP: 200;
  • Storm Bow's arrows: 40.8 - 187.5 damage per arrow;
  • Quick Meele: 45 damage;


Storm Arrows

A powerful skill upclose and even more powerful if its bouncing properties are used to The Archer's advantage. Shoots multiple arrows in quick succession that can bounce once on walls.

  • Damage: 97.5 damage each;
  • Cooldown: 10s.

Sonic Arrow

"Knowledge is power". And knowning your enemies's positions gives you more than enough power to plan assassinations, escapes and engagements.

  • Area of Effect: 9 meters radius;
  • Duration: 6s;
  • Special Effect: Enemies within the 9 meters radius are highlighted in red. Works even if LOS is blocked with surfaces;
  • Cooldown: 10s.


Summon the power of the Twin Dragons and destroy all of your enemies. It is the most powerful skill of The Archer.

  • Damage (Arrow): 187.5 damage;
  • Damage (Dragons): 225 per second, per dragon;
  • Duration: Infinite.

The Gladiator [REINHARDT]

The Gladiator fights for his own ego, glory and lust for combat. He may be slow, but he can go full throttle with his special charge ability and catch opponents off guard with his fire projectile. A true tank that can withstand numerous blows before dying.

  • HP: 600;
  • Damage: 127.5 damage per swing;
  • Takes 25% more damage to negate his armor;



Unstoppable and all-powerful, the Charge is one of his greatest tools for movement and damage. Although it has less freedom of movement as The Swordsman's Swift Strike, the damage is more than worth it.

  • Damage: 75 damage if it's a bump, 337.5 damage if it's a pin on a wall;
  • Duration: 3s;
  • Stun Time (Enemy): 0.65s;
  • Cooldown: 7s.

Fire Strike

A powerful projectile that makes up for The Gladiator's slow movement speed. No matter if you're upclose or at a distance, The Gladiator will still get you.

  • Damage: 150 damage;
  • Charges: 2;
  • Projectile Speed: 50 m/s;
  • Cooldown: 6s.


The Gladiator shows his massive strength by hammering the ground as if it is nothing, shattering everything in front of him and knocking down everything in his path.

  • Damage: 75 damage + 180 if it is within 1.75 m;
  • Range: 20 m;
  • Stun: 2.75s knock down.

The Ninja [KIRIKO]

A young ninja that specializes in stealth and quick eliminations. With her kunais, her camouflage and her protection suzu, she can hold her own in a fight.

  • HP: 150;
  • Damage: 80 damage for a bodyshot, 240 damage for a headshot;



Her most essencial tool for survival, the Invisibility skill makes her completely invisible for opponents and allows her to reposition herself on the battlefield. Use it to attack the enemy by surprise or to escape, but be careful, the enemies are able to hear your "cloacking" and "decloacking" sounds.

  • Duration: 8s;
  • Special Effect: Makes you invisible;
  • Cooldown: 10s.

Protection Suzu

Another essencial tool that grants her invulnerability for a short period of time and healing.

  • Duration: 0.85s;
  • Area of Effect: 5 m;
  • Cooldown: 14s.

Kitsune Rush

She summons the Spirit of the Fox to the battle, aiding her in eliminating her enemies quickly and smoothly.

  • Duration: 10.5s;
  • Range: 25 m;
  • Rate of Fire: +50%

This is my first Workshop project. I hope you enjoy it! You can leave any feedback in the comment section. Future updates and versions will take feedback in consideration.

Thank you!

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Maps: Hanamura, Paris, Temple of Anubis, Dorado, Route 66, and 13 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.0.0


Ability 1
Kiriko's Invisibility Ability
Kiriko's Invisibility Ability
Kiriko's Invisibility Ability
Kiriko's Invisibility Ability
Kiriko's Invisibility Ability

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