Madamada Ball

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Who are you? You are Genji Shimada, a man murdered by his haughty brother and returned to life by an unrealistically attractive Swiss woman. Your opponents? Also Genji Shimada. How? Stop asking questions. What you need to worry about right now Genji #3 is that glowing ball because it’s about to absolutely Hanzo one of you. If it turns purple then you’re it. Use all of your abilities, ninja skills and weebo knowledge to send the ball back at the other Genjises and be the last cyborg standing. Mada mada!

Ability 2: Rapid deflect used to send the ball back at your opponents.
Ability 1: A dash that will also deflect the ball and let you quickly reposition.
Ultimate: Grants you one swing (primary fire) to spike the ball at blazing speed, as well as unlimited dash for a short time.
Emote: Increases your ego by flaunting your ability to not be dead.

Launchers: Hop onto a blue ring to get an aerial boost.
Adrenaline: Snag the red energy for a speed boost.
Bonus Ball: Get the ball to pass through the gold cloud to activate 2x points for the next winner.

Ball kill or be ball killed
First to 7 rounds wins the match

43 maps available

Please let me know if you come across any bugs or have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
Madamada Ball is a variation of the absolutely awesome Genji Dodgeball developed by Mazawrath and friends, available here. The original Genji artwork in the banner was created by Chaepae, check it out.

Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Genji
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Current version: 1.2

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