Prop Hunt



Made by Rosen#11232
6 Props have to survive til time runs out; 4 Hunters have to hunt down all props before time's up! The last prop alive will gain ultimate and ability to attack.


An elimination game consisting of two teams: props (6 players) and hunters (4 players). The props have to hide from the hunters and disguise themselves among the other props until time runs out. The hunters must kill all props before the timer ends.
The first team to reach a score of 2 wins the game.


  • Have the appearance of colorful orbs.
  • Can change their color by pressing reload. There is a cooldown.
  • Will play their voice lines every 15 seconds. This loops until they are dead.
  • The last prop alive will gain ultimate and ability to punch.


  • Will have to wait 15 seconds when round starts so props can have time to hide.
  • Shooting without causing damage will damage themselves.
  • Can emote or shoot at the real props to heal up.

There are configuration settings in the script, feel free to edit any of these values to fit your playstyle!

  • Config [0]: Set the frequency of voice line looping of the props (Default: 15) (You can also disable the voice line looping for props by turning off the rule "Props: Loop voice line"!)
  • Config [1]: Set the cooldown of changing prop colors (Default: 75)
  • Config [2]: Enable self-damaging for hunters
  • Config [3]: Enable self-healing for hunters
  • Config [4]: Enable color changing for props
  • Config [5]: Enable attacks for the last prop alive

Known bugs

  • TBA
Categories | Elimination, Hide and Seek
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.11.0


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Update Log

  • Added Oasis Gardens, Oasis City Center, Nepal Village and Ilios Ruins
  • Hunters will now get frozen at the start to prevent emoting and getting out of wait screen
  • Balancing changes
  • Added Ayutthaya, Nepal Sanctum and Oasis University
  • Minor changes to the script
  • Added configurations
  • Added countdown warning
  • Balancing changes

Please do not use this obsolete version! Instead, use the newest code above.

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