New 4v4 nanoblade V-Fix 0.4

4v4 nanoblade with V-Fix balance


  • Randomized heroes: Reinhardt, Ana, Genji, McCree.
  • Increase max hp and damage when there's a player number difference.
  • Start with ultimate (Only McCree don't ;c).


  • McCree has shield when dodging.
  • Reinhardt can now cancel charge ability.
  • Reinhardt generate shield when charge (Its based on his armor now!).
  • Genji heals when deflecting.
  • Ana heals when nanoboosting someone.
  • Ana can now self nanoboost.
  • Support for Map: (Workshop Island, Workshop Island (Night))
  • Fun ;)

Future plans:

  • Reinhardt hp shield is generated when he's charging and is equal to his shield hp points.
  • Fix old balance code.
  • Fun x2.

If you have balance suggestion write comment. :3
Overwatch player

Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Elimination
Heroes: Reinhardt, Genji, McCree, Ana
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 0.1

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