The Last MEKA - A Custom Fanmade Archives Mission

Former members of the Overwatch group come up together to rescue the remaining MEKA member after the Omnic Crisis. (It is recommended to make Team 2 filled with MEDIUM or HARD Bastions)

Play as Ana, Winston, Reaper, and Soldier: 76 to fight through a somewhat epic battle. The requirement of players is 1-4. (The difficulty will depend on the amount of players that are playing)

With a custom ready up system!

Mini Cutscenes (still a WIP)

3 Levels + a bonus one! (Level 3 and Bonus is still WIP and is being experimented but it does work!)

Team Lives! Team composition is KEY

Seeing your teammates health!

I am planning on creating a full group of these types of Missions to keep the creativity alive!


Booping off a Bastion on Level 3 near spawn locations will give no progression. Idk how its doing that but I am working on it ASAP!


Just redo the match and avoid doing that again

After a Match and the game is going to the next round everyone is stuck in Ready even though it reaches its limit


Restart the game. This bug again I have no idea what is going on with it and will fix it ASAP


I am planning on releasing updates from time to time to help keep this project bug free and fully working! If the community has ideas and make their own edits to add more spice to it let me know! Id like to see what you got!

Categories: Boss Mode, Protect, PvE
Tags: boss custom fun
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Current version: 1.0.0



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