Damage To Grow


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Damage To Grow.

Deal damage to grow and swap to the next hero, complete the list to win.

Totally customizable in workshop settings!!!

• Damage for next hero.
• Number of damage heroes.
• Number of tank heroes.
• Number of support heroes.
• Supports at the end of the list.
• Tanks in the middle of the list

This is a modification of my other game mode Damage Gun Game.

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Hey man, I'm trying to adapt this in a hero gauntlet mode where the more damage you take, the smaller your character gets and it resets upon death, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to do this?

Jokaes creator

Mmm... I think it would be easier with a new script rather than adapting this one. You will only need a variable that tracks the damage received (or maybe use the new stats value) and then make the scale of the player smaller proportionally with the damage received. After they are dead you just need to stop scaling or scale to 1 again.

Update Log (2)

  • A litlle change to the growing curve.
  • Changed the default workshop settings
    • 8 DPS -> 4
    • 1 Tank -> 3
    • 1 Support -> 3
    • Tanks in the middle and support at end -> Random order
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