Damage To Grow


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Damage To Grow.

Deal damage to grow and swap to the next hero, complete the list to win.

Totally customizable in workshop settings!!!

• Damage for next hero.
• Number of damage heroes.
• Number of tank heroes.
• Number of support heroes.
• Supports at the end of the list.
• Tanks in the middle of the list

This is a modification of my other game mode Damage Gun Game.

Code Snippet

Categories | Free for all, Miscellaneous
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 9.1.0

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Update Log

  • A litlle change to the growing curve.
  • Changed the default workshop settings
    • 8 DPS -> 4
    • 1 Tank -> 3
    • 1 Support -> 3
    • Tanks in the middle and support at end -> Random order
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