RPG upgrade your hero!


if the code doesnt work copy the Code Snippet then create a game go to settings then you can see on the top right an orange icon click it then you done!

if you got any suggestions or bugs to report tell me

have fun! 😛

username: DARKSHADOW#24346

im thinking of adding a possibility to play in almost all the maps if you want this feature to be added then pls leave a comment

Workshop settings: https://prnt.sc/vg8yi9

Code Snippet

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rly interesting!

DarkShadow creator

thx :D hope u enjoyed it!

Update Log (8)

  • fixed bugs

  • added a payment system so you can pay other players if u look at them and in a certain radius

  • added more features to settings card

  • made the game less heavy

  • updated ruels

  • added that out lines will show ur level

  • fixed bugs

  • added the level above head

  • fixed spectator mode

  • added a upgrade for blood crystal

  • added a way to hide all hud

  • added more features to workshop settings card

  • fixed bugs

  • added a blood crystal

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