PYSCHO RUN | Run & Hide Gamemode | V.2.2

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A Inspired gamemode based on Run From Uncle Roadhog & Run from Daddy Rienhardt gamemodes

Your sleeping in a dream where you find yourself placed in a unknown situation where you see others who are also stuck in the dream with you. You hear footsteps and voices in the distance, it gets louder and louder until you see the Pyscho's, They are the symbols of your nightmares and fears trying to keep you within your nightmare, feeding off your screams and fear. The only way to escape is to play their game. Until the morning sun rises, the Pyscho's will do they're best to keep killing you over and over until all of you are all dead.

What is Pyscho Run about?

Pyscho Run is a run or hide gamemode where players play on a Team named Dreamers who must survive against one player who will be Team Pyscho. Dreamers are the players who will try their best to hide and avoid the Pyscho until time is up for the match. Pyscho's must kill all Dreamers before the match is over. Each Team as their own set of abilites for each hero, Dreamers have abilities to counter the Pyscho's attacks while the Pyscho's have the abilities to gain more damage or boost to catch each Dreamer.

Pyscho's Classes


Reinhardt is the basic run and chase Pyscho but a little different. He deals a burning damage effect which can damage Runners overtime. He can also use his firestrike ability to set up a fire trap wall so if any Runner passes through it will be dealt with a fire burn effect. Using his ulimate called the FURNANCE FURY Reinhardt will enter a rage fire status and will become more faster and his damage is high.

Tip: Keep your distance and stay hidden


Roadhog can hook his targets and shoot them down which hacks their abilities. He can also use his ulimate to use PIGGIE GRINDER which gives him a speed boost.

Tip: Cut corners or do quick moves to make Roadhog not hook you when he tries to aim for your direction.


Winston is a complex Pyscho, he must shock down each Runner to kill them. But he can use his ulimate KO RAMPAGE which makes him knockout Runners so he can shock them closer.

Tip: Keep your distance from Winston when he chases you or when he's somewhere else. Best choice is to hide.


Sombra is a stealth user, she is able to stealth and sprint to find her victims. She can instantly kill Runners by getting close and meleeing them but she's slow when she is un-phased on her stealth. She's basically your typically Slender. Any player near her when she uses her ulimate BEEP BOOP they will be stunned!

Tip: Always keep moving one spot to the other! Don't stay hiding for too long or you won't react quick enough to run away.


ALSO: if your wondering, yes the name has changed from PHYSCO RUN to PYSCHO RUN since I misspelled pyscho lol. So no. . this isn't another example of a mandela effect I just changed the name

CREDIT: All the play testing and the graphic design for the gamemode are all made from me alone, this is a one man project so I made the thumbnail for this workshop and the code too.

Atomic4Peace is my youtube name while Native_jay12 is my user name on the PS4 so don't get confused on why theres two names added to created by. I make animations and graphic design so i'm proud to test some of my designs on the thumbnail i created for my gamemode I hope you like it and if you want to check my YT Channel go to my profile on this website and you'll see a link.

Players | 1 - 11
Categories: Hide and Seek
Tags: horror boss run
Heroes: Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston, Ashe, Bastion, and 22 more...
Maps: Paris, Dorado, Hollywood, Black Forest, Castillo, and 3 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: V.2.2



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