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[PS4 Version : You can also use this for PC or Xbox too if you don't use PS4]
Please only use the small arcade maps, I've played tested multiple times with other players that playing in a big map while hunting and finding 11 players is difficult. Please only use the small maps provided in the code. I would advise using 4 to 6 players for bigger maps but not 11 that's just cruel for the Physco..

Physco Run

With a team from one against eleven.

Runners - 11 players
Physcos - 1 player

Runners are to run and hide from the Physco before the time runs out while Physcos have to hunt down the Runners and kill them all before time runs out for the Physco.

Each Runner and Physco have different abilities to assist them in-game, for Physcos each Hero will have a different play style.

Reinhardt is your basic run and chase killer who gets faster with his ulimate.

Roadhog has to hook and melee down his victims in order to kill them,

Winston has to use his ulimate to knockdown runners as he slowly kills them with his electric weapon.

All the settings are all set in place, if you want to make things more difficult then i reccomend using smaller maps.

Have Fun!

  • Atomic

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Update Log (4)

  • Roadhog's Ulimate doesn't deal too much damage only 50 instead of 150
  • Fixed Winston's Ammo which isn't unlimited
  • Added New Effect for Winston
  • Added New HUD Texts for both Runners and Physco's
  • The allowed maps are only the arcade maps
  • Re-worked most of the Heroes on the Runner Team making them debuff and balanced
  • Enabled Announcer

Removed some damage heroes that will be re-worked on for the runners

Debuff Roadhog's ammo and Winston's weapon

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