💣 Symmetra Minefields




  • You have 60 seconds to set up turrets around the map in Phase 1.
  • Prevent the Minesweeper from getting to their objective as shown by a Flag icon.
  • A Symmetra Clone (Bot) is available to set up more turrets. Each Symmetra player controls 1 Symmetra Clone.
  • Press [Interact] to toggle between you and your clone.
  • When your clone is activated, using Sentry Turret will place your clone's Sentry Turret instead.
  • This means each Symmetra player controls 6 turrets (3 from themselves, 3 from their Clone).
  • You can hold [Crouch] to fine tune your turret placement
    • Slow down when on ground
    • Slow down + float when in air



  • You will start at the Waiting Point while the Symmetra Team sets up the turrets.
  • You have 3 minutes to reach the objective as shown by the Flag icon in Phase 2.
  • You need to stay in the objective for 3 seconds to score point.
  • Avoid and destroy Symmetra turrets along the way.
  • You only have invincibility while in the Starting Point, leaving that area will clear off your invincibility.
  • If you die, you do not respawn until next round.


Event Round winner
Time ran out in Phase 2 Symmetra Team
All Minesweepers died Symmetra Team
1 Minesweeper reached objective Minesweeper Team

First team to reach 3 points win!

Important note

  • Not all maps are supported currently.
  • The game requires a manual start. (esc Menu -> Lobby -> Start game mode)
  • Make any role switches before starting the game. Bugs may occur if players switch roles mid-game.


Playing as Symmetra

Playing as Minesweeper


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Update Log (17)

General Update

  • Added a progress bar to show destination capture progress for Minesweeper.
  • This will replace the old "3-2-1" small message countdown. Imgur

Added Kanezaka to the map pool. (3 arenas map)

New maps

  • Nepal Village (3 arenas map)
  • King's Row (5 arenas map)

New Arena

  • Blizzard World Arena 3 (At 2nd point of the map)

Changes to Minesweeper

  • Doomfist and Reaper now deal 500% damage, so they can destroy turrets much easier from a distance
  • Winston now deal 500% damage, so they can quickly destroy turret within range
  • Disabled Genji double jump
  • Disabled Pharah hover

General changes

  • Simplified the game instruction a bit, should be easier to understand now
  • A Down arrow icon now shows Minesweeper's starting place, instead of "Minesweeper starts here" in world text.
  • Disabled messages
  • The victim of a turret death will now be informed of the real killer.
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