the best discription of this gamemode.

All the heros are modified passively and ability wise.

-Made by Ace#119535
-Assisted by Ender#16384

This gamemode modifies all the heros and their abilities to make the game simply chaotic.
If you don't want to read all of this all heros in game have a breif discription of their changes.

Hero Ability Change
Ana Dealing Damage Damage converted to OverArmor
Ana Ability 1 (No sleep dart) You are given the Asleep status for 2 second, You start a heal over time of 100hps {lasts 2s}, you get 180 Over-Armor
Ana Ability 2, Damage Enemy takes 30% more damage, Is hacked, and Has a tanited vision for 6.5s.
Ana Melee You spawn a healing projectile that heals Everyone{Execpt you} in range.
-------- -------- --------
Ashe Dealing Damage Charges Element Meter (Ratio { 1 Damage : 0.2% Charge } {Minimum of 4%)
Ashe Taking Damage If enemy is beyond 15m, You fully charge your Element Meter
Ashe Primary Fire Replaced with Coach gun, Consumes Ammo
Ashe Secondary Fire Fires a shot of the Selected Element, Consumes Ammo
Ashe Ability 2 Changes Selected Element {Fire/Ice}
Ashe Ultimate, Kill You get 10x damage for 1s
-------- -------- --------
Baptiste Primary fire disabled
Baptiste Secondary fire Shoots 2 shots, 1st one heals, 2nd one damages.
Baptiste Ability 1, Healing Grants Unkillable {5s}
Baptiste Ability 2 Shoots 2 bouncing balls, 1 heals, 1 damages. Random delay {up to 1s}
-------- -------- --------
Bastion Primary Fire 1 ammo, {passive 3x damage}
Bastion Secondary Fire Shoots 3 bombs, {3x cooldown}
Bastion Ability 1 Forced to spin around, {10x damage while using} Holding jump will make you fly upwards.
Bastion Ultimate Fires a bomb, This bombs explodes after 5 seconds or Upon impacting an enemy
Bastion Dev note Legalize Nuclear Bombs
-------- -------- --------
Brigitte Healing Recived 80% of the healing is converted to overhealth
Brigitte Ability 1, Hit Pulls you towards the enemy
Brigitte Ability 2 Replaced with a throwable. If it hits an enemy, It stuns them {1.2s }
Brigitte Ultimate + Secondary fire While shielding, You and nearby{12m} allies are healed
-------- -------- --------
Cassidy Primary Fire Chance to cause an effect {FAQ for all effects}
Cassidy Secondary Fire Hold to fire, Release to stop.
Cassidy Ability 2 If this kills an enemy, You die too.
Cassidy Ult Grants a really poorly made aimbot. You also get 50 Ammo
Cassidy Melee Teleport to the closest enemy to your crosshair
-------- -------- --------
D.Va Passive When you leave your mech, You are forced to be another charater for 2mins
D.Va Passive Nearby Lucios in speedsong let you bunnyhop.
D.Va Ability 1 Drop A Barrage of Rockets while using.
D.Va Ability 2 While firing you shoot homing rockets.
-------- -------- --------
Doomfist Secondary Fire, Hit Instakill
Doomfist Ability 1, hit Deals A large ammount of knockback
Doomfist Ability 2 Fly in the direction that you are facing
Doomfist Ultimate You use it twice. The second doing random damage.
-------- -------- --------
Echo Secondary Fire You fire 4 waves of bombs
Echo Ability 1 You use it 3 times, With a 0.75s delay between each
Echo Ability 2 Does 5x to players above 50% hp and 0.5x to players below 50%
Echo Ultimate You will explode shortly after using Duplicate. KIlling everyone in line of sight or not behind a barrier
-------- -------- --------
Genji Primary Fire disabled
Genji Passive 1 50% damage reduction against select heros {in FAQ}
Genji Passive 2 1.75x damage multiplier, Melee only. Ammo regenerates passively
Genji On kill Gain: 15 Shield Hp, 4% movespeed, 16% damage, and heal yourself for 50% the victim's max hp.
Genji Secondary fire Charge foward, Consuming ammo. After you consume up to 65% you deal 35% more damage during a shortly after the charge.
-------- -------- --------
Hanzo Passive Arrows have no gravity, They also move at 5x speed
Hanzo On hit, {Not melee/This passive} Does 0.8x the damage dealt to enemies within 4m {Causes knockback}
Hanzo On kill, Genji only You cry, {33% chance to be frozen for 5s / 33% die / 33% die and respawn instantly}
Hanzo Ultimate Your arrow moves really slowly, The dragon spawn is delayed to around 6s
-------- -------- --------
Illari Self healing {Any means} Grants Unkillable {0.3s}
Illari Ability 1, Hit You heal 50hp and deal Increased Knockback to the enemy hit
Illari Ability 2, Healing Grants Unkillable {0.3s} and damages nearby enemies
Illari Ultimate, Hit Insta-Kills and heals Everyone nearby
-------- -------- --------
Junker Queen
Junker Queen Bleed Healing. Heals {Healing you deal} nearby {5m} allies as well.
Junker Queen Ability 1 Heals you and nearby {8m} allies 100hp, And damages {100} nearby {8m} enemies.
Junker Queen Ability 2 Shoots 5 bombs {50 Damage}, They explode on impact of an enemy or after 5 seconds.
Junker Queen Ultimate While using your ultimate, You damage nearby enemies. And heal yourself and nearby teamates.
-------- -------- --------
Junkrat Upon Melee-ing/Firing Primary Adjusts camera RANDOMLY
Junkrat Deathbombs, Hit Launches effected enemy away.
Junkrat Ability 1 Heals you for the damage, Stuns the enemy {0.6s}, And Does extra damage based on how much health you are missing.
Junkrat Ability 2 Insta-kills the Victim, You teleport to the Victim
Junkrat Ultimate Riptire is VERY fast. It also instakills. {2x duration.}
-------- -------- --------
Kiriko N/A Playing with knives {Not added yet}
-------- -------- --------
Lifeweaver Healing Grants the Healee, Ammo and Unkillable {0.3s}
Lifeweaver Secondary Fire, Hit Does 6x the damage, 2s cooldown.
Lifeweaver Ultimate, On use Your nearest ally {Unless it's ffa then it's your nearest enemy.} Uses their ow2 ult, {Will be effected by their changes if it normally uses their ult.}
Lifeweaver Melee, Hit Steals 10% ult charge. Unless the hero of the victim is{or was} a female, Then: It instakills and steals all of their ult charge.
-------- -------- --------
Lucio Passive Immune to Teleportation
Lúcio Primary Fire, Hit Deals knockback
Lúcio Secondary Fire, Hit Stuns{3s} victim, And makes them have high gravity {3s}.
Lúcio Ability 1 Speedsong: Makes you jump when you hit the ground {Random Jumpheight, Jump Higher with ability 2}. Healsong: You just get really high gravity
Lúcio Ultimate Launches everyone nearby{11m} upwards and Stuns{1.3s} them
-------- -------- --------
Mei Passive No slows/Freezing. You heal for 75% of damage dealt.
Mei Primary Fire, Hit Causes a Damage over time {1s, 2dps. - Stacks}
Mei Secondary Fire Shoots a big ball instead. This ball consumes all ammo, It's damage and knockback is increased with ammo consumed.
Mei Ability 1 Can be used at any time, Cleanses all status effects, Heals, And lasts only 0.3s
Mei Ultimate, Hit Causes a Damage over time. {2s, 8dps - Stacks}
-------- -------- --------
Mercy Dev Note Community Chosen Strongest Hero, Sure shes good but... Just go to the FAQ if you need help countering her.
Mercy Passives Hidden for Gameplay reasons. {Idk why just ask ace lmao}
Mercy Primary Fire, Kill Causes a Damage over time to all players on your team. {6s , 4dps}
Mercy Secondary Fire {Rez} After 1 second of reviving, Kill all nearby {15m} enemies
Mercy Ultimate, While using Any enemy that is moving will take damage.
Mercy Melee, Hit Insta-kills the target and teleports their body to the underworld {Out of the map}
-------- -------- --------
Moria N/A I do not want to be trapped and experimented on. {Not added}
-------- -------- --------
Orisa Passive Can be picked up by teamates close to you. {interact} ] {Dropped with Crouch}
Orisa Secondary fire, Hit Throws another spear.
Orisa Ability 2, While using All other players in line of sight: Are pushed the way you are facing. {Line of sight is buggy in ow}
Orisa Ability 1 Grants 650 overhealth to you. Unless you have teamates {Then it's all teamates within 8m}
-------- -------- --------
Phara Primary Fire Shoots 2 rockets
Phara Ability 2, Knockback Dealt Stuns {4s} Victim
Phara Ultimate, Hit 25% chance to Jail victim. 50% chance to kill the victim when they are in jail.
-------- -------- --------
Rammattra Passive Refill 1 Void ammo a second. {While not firing}
Rammattra Primary fire Void Ammo {replaces normal ammo} is now shown on hud. You shoot with a lock on beam instead {30m range}. 2 ammo a shot.
Rammattra Ability 1, Hit Enemy has increased gravity and is hacked for {0.3s}
Rammattra Ability 2, Hit Gain 1 Void ammo {per hit}
Rammattra Melee, Hit Gain 10 Void ammo.
-------- -------- --------
Reaper Passive After dying, When you respawn you have a 50% chance to teleport to where you died.
Reaper Ability 1 Creates a mine {1s arm time}. This mine explodes when someone else touches it. {damages both teams}
Reaper Ability 2 {Lasts 10s} Makes you invisible, Dealing headshots will deal half the victim's current hp as damage {Duration Halves upon headshot}.
Reaper Ultimate, While using You teleport to random enemies.
-------- -------- --------
Reinhardt Damage Dealt Causes Alot of Knockback.
Reinhardt Secondary Fire Shield is bigger, You are incivible while it's up.
Reinhardt Ability 1, Hit Insta-kills and Causes a Damaging explosion.
Reinhardt Ultimate, On use You instead Lauch up in the air and get {5x} speed and {5x} damage, for 3s.
-------- -------- --------
Roadhog Passive, Taken damage Gain 1 Ammo. {If the damage is more than 30 gain 2 ammo.}
Roadhog Ability 1, Hit Enemy is stuck to you. {5s}.
Roadhog Melee, Hit If the enemy is stuck to you, Gain their remaining health in overhealth, And damage them half their remaining hp.
Roadhog Ability 2, On use 40%~ chance for you to take 800 damage and Kill all nearby enemies and allies.
Roadhog Ultimate, Firing Consumes 2 ammo. {You can't reload in ult.}
Roadhog Ultimate, Hit Cause a damage over time. {2s, 8dps - Stacks}
-------- -------- --------
Sigma N/A Mental problems, Couldn't read {Not added yet}
-------- -------- --------
Sojourn Secondary Fire, Hit Causes an explosion. Damage and Range scales with damage dealt
Sojourn Ability 1 Causes nearby(5m) players to be knocked over (2s)
Sojourn Ability 2, Hit Makes enemies rooted in place for 0.3s
-------- -------- --------
Soldier: 76
Soldier: 76 Primary Fire, Crit The Victim's Remiaing special hps {Shield and Armor} Are dealt to them as damage.
Soldier: 76 Secondary Fire, Hit Victim takes 0% healing. {3s}
Soldier: 76 Ability 1 2x move speed instead of 1.4x
Soldier: 76 Ability 2, On healing 0.3s of inviciblity
-------- -------- --------
Sombra Primary Fire, Crit Forcfully adjust your victim's camera RANDOMLY
Sombra Ability 1 Staying in stealth for more than 6 seconds hacks you
Sombra Ultimate Brings all enemies to you. Hacks everyone already inside.
Sombra Melee, Hit The victim is swapped into a random hero.
-------- -------- --------
Symmetra N/A LETS GO {Not added yet}
-------- -------- --------
Torbjörn Passive If your portitat is on fire. You start taking damage over time.
Torbjörn Secondary Fire Consumes all ammo, On hit causes a damage over time effect
Torbjörn Ability 2 Forced on hammer. On hit, Causes an explosion
Torbjörn Ultimate, Hit Insta-kills
-------- -------- --------
Tracer Ability 1 Grants a damage boost and a speed reduction {1s}. Increased Blink delay
Tracer Ability 2 On use, Chance to teleport everyone back to a spawn.
Tracer Ultimate, On use Slows down time for everyone else. You move at normal speed and get a damage boost.
-------- -------- --------
Widowmaker Secondary fire, Crit Insta-kills
Widowmaker Ability 2, Hit If the hero of the victim is in: Loverwatch. Or is {By lore} Dating or Has Dated someone.
-------- -------- --------
Other heros
None are in gamemode.

Cassidy Effects

1: You take the damage Instead {I hate this with a passion}
2: Cause a Damage over time {3dps, 1s}
3: Get full ammo
4: Heal for the damage
5: Lose -0.66$ {Means nothing}

Genji Resistance List

Melee Heros: Brig, Reinhardt, Genji
Fire Heros: Torbjorn, Mei, Junkrat, Illari
Explosive heros: Junkrat, Phara
Other: Ramattra
{I lost 2 hours of work when I was working on this bec I forgot to save}

Mercy Counters

Mercy only has 100hp,
Mei secondary fire {1 shots}
Illari Primary fire {1 shots}
Rein Hammer, Fire strike{1 shots}
Free kills for Genji.
Life weaver Ruins her ult charge.
Splash damage in general counters her small health pool.

You are welcome

Widow maker list {Ability 2}

Ana, Tracer, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Widow maker.

Loverwatch: Zenyatta, Mercy, Hanzo, Genji.

Here at the bottom is epic gallery of ms paint. These are not in game despite how realistic they are

Made in version 1.1
Made in version 1.1.2
Made in version 1.2

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 25 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2.1

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