Expanse: Zombie Island Remastered

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Hello, Azoli here! Welcome to Zombie Island! Here's what I got in store!

This is a 7 player Co-op survival to kill and survive against zombies spawning from the center of the map. after 3 minutes, Extraction will arrive and you will win the game. If you make it in time...

This preset is not original. My first time playing was with the preset maker themselves: AirLight. After a few months I noticed that AirLight hasn't been updating and the preset was handed over to someone named Amirabbas. After the handover, the preset's code couldn't handle 8 player lobbies and there were constant crashes. I decided to take it upon myself to take the preset and turn this into a full project of mine.

I'm not a programmer or been into school of programming, so workshop is a new step for me. But, with enough dedication back in 2020, I learnt workshop and now is relearning after blizzard's workshop re-release. I really hope you enjoy the preset and please give credits to AirLight for making this preset.

Patch Notes
Public Release 1: Changed the Update system, Added ```

Public update 1.5: Noticed how ult was insta killing to I changed how the Ult worked and then eventually removing it.
Public update 2: Fixed and Nerfed ult and started working on after the announcement.
Public update 2.5: Added , Tempo fixed and (kind of)
Public update 2.6: Noticed 's fast ult. Started working on a Nerf and removed the big boop her axe does
Public Update 3: Added and two full abilities. recieved a buff.

Damage Dealt: 30 > 80 Removed Suzu. Coding new ability Ravenous & Void: 100 > 40
Ultimate Generation & combat: 100 > 50 Swift step: 90 > 50 added stats
Damage Received: 90 > 60 stat changed Kiriko. Fixed crashing with ult
Health: 150 > 160 - -
Public Update 3.1: Removed the Effect spam for two heros.  will most likely be released in a next update, IF i can fix her ability

* Buffed healing per second after every kill from 2 > 3.5
* : Massively nerfed her ability which sometimes caused the game to reset and her over reliance on whip.
I have added the missing effects for multiple new characters and fixed the match timer

**Planned Features**
Zombie Ultimates
ACTUALLY fixing 
Sometimes you will see me in your game doing tests on a character! Expect me to sometimes hard locking heroes.

You can find me on Twitter and Discord! Feel free to ask me anything and give me some cool abilities to use for a future update!

Players | 1 - 7
Categories: PvE
Tags: zombies
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: Version 3.3a

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