Itaypoo's Custom Heros

I made 3 new heros, all with unique abillities and backrounds!
For now, you cannot switch heros after you've selected one.

Please contact me if you find any gamebreaking bugs, preferably on discord : itaypoo#1982

The three heros are:

DJ. Beepboo (Tank)

is an omnic that stumbled into being a DJ. Nowadays, Beepboo uses his music skills on the battlefiled. Sometimes he uses his music to gain boosts, and sometimes he plays music so loud that it knocks down his enemies.

Balloon Trooper (DPS)

is a balloon that had enough of birthdaty parties and decided to join the army at age 9. Being a balloon, he can jump pretty high up, and can inflate himself to gain a fighting advantage.

Ominc Lifeguard (Support)

is an omnic that was made for keeping the beach safe. When the war struck, Lifeguard thought that she can finally put her knowledge to good use, healing teammates with her water balloons and hurting enemies with jets of water.

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: New Heroes
Heroes: Roadhog, Echo, Zenyatta
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