Workshop Extensions Demo

Simple, yet powerful

Workshops Extensions Demo is a tool to see all new visual and sound effects we are able to use through Extensions feature.

My goal was to create a previewer that would be compact, very easy to use and as readable as possible, but in the meantime it would show all the necessary information.

How to use it:

Feature Description
Create Effect circles On the left side, there are all new Create Effect and Create Beam Effect types
Play Effect circles On the right side, there are all new Play Effect types
Text in corners In left and right corners, you have all the information about which Extensions you should turn on, which Action and which effect Type to choose to create/play corresponding effect
Interact button Interact button turns effects on under Create Effect/Create Beam Effect actions. Press again to turn them off
Melee button Melee button plays once effects under Play Effect action
Reload button Reload button swaps color of effects between Team 1 and Team 2
Ultimate button Ultimate button switches camera between 1st and 3rd person to have a different view on effects
Dommy Bot In Custom Game Settings you can change which Hero is created as a Dummy Bot at the beginning of the game

(Note: some Play Effect actions are under Create Effect section, because they have a "twin" Create Effect type. E.g. Ana Sleeping Effect, unlike other effects, has its visual effect under Create Effect action, but its audio under Play Effect. I decided to put a few Play Effect sounds on the left side and to be played when a player press Interact button. Otherwise, it would be dull to have visual effect without the sound, and audio effect without vfx)

Categories: Tools
Heroes: Tracer
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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