It's A Deathmatch But Much More fun

Smash your enemies get money, buy upgrades, get stronger, level up and conquer the arena.

Everything You Need To Know ↓

How long is the match duration?

It won't take longer than a quick play match and you can always choose a harder difficulty from the workshop settings for a longer grind.

Is it complicated?

This sounds complicated but, don't worry, you can go through a quick tutorial explaining every element of the game.

What's the goal, how can I win?

You win by buying the nuke, the first to reach enough gold to buy a nuke wins!

Why is it taking forever to buy a nuke?

The most effective method to gain gold faster is by maxing out gold upgrades from the start.

Why Mario?

Jinko likes it.

Is there a way to get free gold?

Sure, just get the first place playing with at lest 3 other players, take a screenshot of the scoreboard and send it to @akmt9 on Discord and you will be added to the notable members list that will give you free starting gold every match giving you an unfair advantage

Stats And Much More ↓

Level Lives Effects
1 HealthRegen
2 HealthRegen, Extra Health
3 HealthRegen, Extra Health
4 ♥ ♥ Extra Health
5 ♥ ♥ Extra Health
6 ♥ ♥ ♥ Extra Health
7 ♥ ♥ ♥ Extra Points, Extra Health
8 ♥ ♥ ♥ Special Ultimate, Extra Points, Extra Health

Events Effects
Double Damge 2X Damage
Double Speed 1.5X Movement speed
No Cooldowns No cooldowns for most of the abilities
Gold Multiplier Multiply the amount of gold gained per damage
Explosive Bullets Bullets go boom
Most Wanted The wanted players gets a healing buff and the player who eliminates the most wanted gets 10K Gold and a Special Ultimate
Boop Punches Melee hits cause massive knockback and increased damage
Bouncy Castle Floor is lava who? make it bouncy!
Sheild Frenzy Everyone gets a heavy temporary shield
Random Ability Everyone gets a random special ability
Lottery Ticket A lucky player gets the winning lottery ticker
Achievement Hunter Now you have a good reason to T-bag

Special Abilities Effects VIDEO
Nano Boost Basically nano boost and more
Super Melee Punch your enemy and let them meet god
Precision Airstrike Send an airstrike upon enemies within your radius
Flash Bang Make enemies within your radius go blind
Timed Bomb Deploy a bomb that has a large explosion radius
Air Pop Launch enemies within your radius upwards and pop them
Fire Strike Shoots hundreds of fire strikes
Sentry Turret Deploy a deadly turret melting any of your enemies
Da' Bomb Activate before dying to give your attacker a taste of you no video yet :(
Scatter Chaos Surrounded in a room? just activate it
Intercontinental Weapon Enter a deadly airship that sends death from above
Heavy Armor Gain a temporary unstoppable armor
Time Sphere create a sphere that slows down time
Ranged Bomb Send a bomb to the selected position
Head Popper One shot headshot instant kill
Deadly Trap Deploy a partially invisible trap
Body Smash Smash your enemies literally
Soul Steal Steal health from dealing damage
Electro Shot Fire a deadly electrical projectile
Dimensional Laser Shoot a laser from space splitting the ground

Special Abilities Difficulty

Special Abilities Damage

Shop Item Description
Special Ability Generation Increase special ability gain charge per second
Gold Passive Generation Increase the amount of gold generated per minute
Adrenaline Rush Increase shield per kill
GIGA Rocket Increase the GIGA Rocket damage, speed and accuracy
Special Ultimate Increase the special ultimate effectivness
Special Ability Increase the special ability effectivness
Heal On Kill Increase the amount you get healed when earned an elimination
Add Health On Kill Increase the amount of health added to you when earned an elimination
Nuke Eliminate Everyone and Achieve Victorious

GIGARocket AdrenalineRush
1 GIGARocket on kill Add temporary shield on kill
Resets on death Resets on death

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤSpecial Ultimates
AirStrike EarthQuake
Maps Necropolis, Castillo Maps Petra, Malevento
Requirements Reach level 8, eliminate most wanted, steal it Requirements Reach level 8, eliminate most wanted, steal it
Barrage of rockets following players exposed outside of buildings shaking the ground and does 75DMG on impact
Hold interact to activate Hold interact to activate
Barrage Tornado
Maps Kanezaka Maps Ilios
Requirements Reach level 8, eliminate most wanted, steal it Requirements Reach level 8, eliminate most wanted, steal it
Replace your weapon with rockets that evaporates enemies, lasts for less than 30Sec A tornado appears in the well and pulls players, does 100DMG/Sec, lasts for 15Sec
Hold interact to activate Hold interact to activate
Thorns Avalanche
Maps Black Forest Maps Eco Point: Antartica
Requirements Reach level 8, eliminate most wanted, steal it Requirements Reach level 8, eliminate most wanted, steal it
Enemies on ground level get stuck, lasts for less than 15Sec Slowes down enemies and freeze them at the end
Hold interact to activate Hold interact to activate

Achievements Description
TeaBag Champion Teabag on a dead enemy
LongShot Eliminate an enemy who is 30 meters away from you
Beast Hunter Eliminate a level 7 or 8 enemy
KingSlayer Eliminate a higher level enemy
Merciless Eliminate a low level enemy while on level 7 or 8
Collateral Damge Elimate an enemy with the death effect of another enemy
Close Call Win a fight while low on health
Dead Avenger Recieve an elimination while dead
Escaped Death Escape a deadly situation
Environmental Kill The title explains well
Fist Fight Eliminate an enemy with a melee blow
ShutDown Eliminate an enemy while they're using a Special Ability
Tip You better get the achievements cause they give free gold
Please report bugs in the comments section
Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: All
Maps: Ilios, Black Forest, Castillo, Necropolis, Kanezaka, and 2 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.5



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