Paladins 0.11 Demo

viper's attempt to accurately remake paladins at the current version of 6.6, using the workshop.

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Release Build : S14HB
Staging Build : 1QQR4


This is not fully accurate to paladins yet, we dont have talents, we dont have custom roles nor builds.
so please wait patiently for more updates soon and for now this is close sourced until its complete and im satisfied with it and currently theres only 4 champions but io is in development.


  • Accurate Paladins Health Pool!
    • we are the first paladins gamemode to achieve this!
  • Accurate Shop!
    • we are one of the first gamemodes to achieve an accurate shop to paladins! (customizable through the workshop)
  • Accurate Paladins Passives!
  • Accurate Paladins Stats!
    • were one, if not the only paladins gamemode yet to have fully accurate damage.
  • Custom Roles
    • Hanzo and Widow Counts as Supports (widow is now io and hanzo is now jenos which are both supports.)




    • accurate hp, dmg
    • (kinda) accurate smoke screen
    • accurate hidden
    • accurate time bomb (using bots)


    • accurate hp,dmg
    • accurate hustle speed (with indicator)
    • accurate frag grenade


  • accurate dmg, hp (ps io is still in development)
    • accurate io bow
    • accurate dmg, hp
    • accurate ult

This repository has been forked from Overwatch 1 Emulator.


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.11 demo

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