Pokemon duel Enhanced by Mako#21653

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Pokemon enhanced

New and improved pokemon duel in Overwatch. Ana is the trainer that can highly change the outcome of the match and duel between each pokemon. Ana picks a pokemon uses abilities to improve pokemon's chances to win a duel, changes pokemon or summons a new pokemon. Duel is in a limited arena which should always provide enough cover and possibilities for pokemons.

Choosing a pokemon:

Trainer chooses pokemon with interactive button then throws the biotic grenade to summon the chosen pokemon.

Trainer abilities [button] (HUD ability name):

  • heal pokemon 4x with her biotic rifle [primary fire -> left mouse] (healing left)
  • nanoboost 1x [ultimate -> Q]
  • recall the pokemon 2x [any voice line] (come back left)
  • recover the ultimate 1x [ultimate status -> Y] (recover ultimate)
  • boost the pokemon for limited time [need healing -> X] (level up)

Boosting the pokemon increases his damage by 40%, boosts his movement speed by 100% and slows down the time by 40% for 10 seconds.
Trainer is limited by these abilities over the course of a trainer duel.


This gamemode is basically a mixture of both currently available pokemon gamemodes with ana or mercy as the trainer. It enhances the experience from both of these gamemodes.
It has the same features as the other pokemon version with new listed below.

  • Pokemons only take damage when they are outside of the borders of the arena. In this version pokemons like pharah don't take damage when they are high up in the sky.
  • Arena borders are 3 simple rings with similar radiuus outside of which pokemons take damage (10% per second). It's easy to see for trainers and other pokemons.
  • Sudden death after 35 seconds of each duel without a winner, which reduces the arena until the pokemons are forced to fight.
  • Top down view for non-fighting pokemons. You can easily see the duel and trainers performing their abilities.
  • New special abilities - recover ultimate and boost the pokemon.
  • Before every duel pokemons are teleported to their spot in the arena and can't use any abilities until the duel starts.
  • For workshop developers - all rules are readable and understandable. Only 60 rules compared to 210 in the old ana version.
  • Only good maps with improved arena size and position. Currently available maps: Nepal sanctum, Castillo, Lijiang Control, Oasis city center, Black forest and Necropolis. New will be added later.
  • All pokemons have ultimate and can use all their abilities.
  • Nerfs and buffs to pokemons to balance some OP 1v1 characters (Roadhog, mei, brigitte, moira)

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes when the pokemon is recalled he gets healed to full.
  • If there is multiple disconnects and the only player on a team is ana winner might not be set -> Requires restart.
  • Players might get teleported with someone else -> recall and choose the remaining player

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