Support Hero Concept: Nuniq

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I had an idea for a support hero that I wanted to see in-game and she's actually pretty engaging to play. You can check out her kit on Symmetra.

Her weapon (Dreamcatcher) has an ammo of 12 that's shared between her damage and healing. Her primary fire has a 12.5 meter range and deals 40 damage on direct hit, with an explosion radius of 2m, dealing 20 damage at the edge of the explosion. Her secondary fire offers the same stats, but with healing. The weapon fires 1 shot every 0.6 seconds with a 2 second reload time.

Ability 1 (Inua) grants a 20% speed boost to Nuniq, and casts a 10m wide aura that grants her and her teammates 35% reduced incoming damage, and 25% increased healing from all sources for 5 seconds. On a 16 second cooldown.

Ability 2 (Atka) also grants a 20% speed boost to Nuniq (boost from ability 1 doesn't stack), and casts a 10m wide aura that grants her and her teammates 50 shields, and heals for 25 hps for 8 seconds. On a 12 second cooldown.

Ultimate (Sanctuary) creates a 10m wide sphere that phases out all allies within it, reducing both damage received and dealt to 0. Enemies within the sphere take 60 dps. Lasts 10 seconds.


Life in northern Canada wasn’t easy.

And yet, Nuniq Ootoova’s tribe has always thrived in the desolate condition– thanking the land for what it could give and finding ways to produce the things that it couldn’t. Getting by took sacrifice, but Nuniq didn’t mind.

“We all have to make sacrifices,” her Chief would say as he taught her old healing practices. Telling her the stories of Inua, the soul, and Atka, the guardian spirit.

“You have to reach inside you and find your own inner being, Nuniq. Then take that piece of you, that small fragment of your soul, and share it with those around you.”

It was a concept that Nuniq couldn’t quite grasp, and as she grew older her willingness to learn from her elders diminished. She instead wanted to explore the world outside the confines of her community– experience the technology that wasn’t afforded to her when she was younger. A life without sacrifice.

So, at the age of sixteen, she left for Toronto– becoming fascinated with the science of matter reconfiguration. Her work eventually led her to become a distinguished scientist and activist for expanding modern technology to places that didn’t have access. At the age of twenty-five, her accomplishments would earn her an invitation to embark on the most important journey of her career. A rescue mission headed towards Ecopoint: Antarctica.

This offer came at a difficult point in Nuniq’s life. She had received news of her Chief falling ill, only having a few more weeks to live. The decision wasn’t easy, but Nuniq knew that her chief would be disappointed if she didn’t go. The mission was planned to take a week. They would embark from South Amund her true purpose. And with that purpose came the willingness to embrace what’s been inside her erica by ship. Two days there. Two days back. She would be on the earliest flight home as soon as they docked.

Of course, things didn’t go as planned. One week lasted for three. Their ship “Icebreaker” ended up mangled in walls of ice, effectively stalling their rescue attempt. While they tried to make it through, they knew that doing so would come at great risk for their journey back. The captain called in for reinforcements, leaving Nuniq to go home empty-handed.

By the time she returned, her chief had passed away– leaving a member of her tribe to relay his final message:

“There is no sacrifice that I can make of my death. But know that from your loneliness, that deep sadness that you may feel from my passing, you can always create a sanctuary. Tavvauvusi.”

It was at this moment that Nuniq foall along. The path of self-discovery wouldn’t be easy. But it’s a path that she wouldn’t have to trek alone.

Players | 1 - 10
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