Mythic Boss Fight 💀

World of Warcraft style boss fight with 15+ different mechanics, this workshop mode is designed for 4 players, there are 3 difficulties: Normal, Heroic and Mythic. Your group needs to have 1 tank, 1 support and 1-2 dps players to start the game mode, normal difficulty can be beaten by 3 players. Join my discord to give feedback, report bugs and share your kills: https://discord.gg/DMvpEy3


The tank player needs to react properly to the boss actions, on normal and heroic difficulties the tank player gets message in the middle fo the screen as well. When the boss charges you want to counter charge, when the boss uses earthshatter you want to block it, when the boss gets powered up damage is increased by 300% and movement speed is slowed so you can kite the boss, but the boss doesn't like it if you charge away while powered up.

All phases

At the start of every phase an air strike is called and during every phase the chamber is filled with mines periodically. The boss has a bouncing fire strike attack on all phases, a beam effect will show where the fire strike is going so it's easier to see if it's coming from the behind.

Phase 1

During phase one Big Omnic Bodyguards appear periodically, the longer the B.O.B stays alive the bigger he grows and does more damage. Rolling ball will chase players and a void zone is formed if any players comes in contact with the ball, these void zones stay for the remainder of the fight. If a player runs in to the void zone the player gets hacked, damaged and knocked back. It is possible for the players to control where the void zones appear and stay away from that area of the chamber in the other phases.

Phase 2

Phase two starts at 75% and the ball in the middle starts doing a stacking beam attack damaging the closest player, the damage the beam does is increased by the amount of times the player has already been hit by the beam, players can see their damage stacks on top of their head, the tank receives 2 stacks each tick. During the phase vortexes appear periodically and four Blademasters come from the vortex, each blademaster is fixated on a player and will one shot players with dragonblade.

Phase 3

Phase three starts at 50% and during the phase you need to survive the beam maze created by the moiras, on normal and heroic a friendly maze guide appears to show a safe way through the maze without need of any abilities. Rocks will also start falling from the ceiling for the remainder of the fight, a smoke effect on the ground mark the rocks landing spots.

Phase 4

Phase four starts at 25% and during the phase you can expect to see mechanics from all of the earlier phases.


The support player may activate any of the buffs by walking on top of the buff icon. Activating a buff also heals the group to full health. Amplification Matrix and Kitsune Rush are aimed between the middle point of the map and the bosses current location. "Ults" will give every player 100% ult charge.

Combat Resurrections

Each difficulty has different amount of combat resurrections available, you can see the remaining combat resurrections on the top left hud, once you are resurrected you are immune to damage for 5 seconds.


Normal Heroic Mythic
165% Damage 135% Damage 100% Damage
165% Healing 135% Healing 100% Healing
20 Combat resurrections 15 Combat resurrections 10 Combat resurrections
Fire Strikes are easier to handle Fire Strikes deals more damage Fire Strikes one shots players
Blademasters are slower Blademasters dash after a kill Blademasters dash after a kill
Stacking beam deals damage less often Stacking beam deals damage more often Stacking beam deals damage more often
Beam maze doesn't one shot Beam maze one shots Beam maze one shots, cannot use abilities on transition
Rocks appear less often Rocks appear more often Rocks appear more often
Boss abilities give a longer warning for the tank Boss abilities give a slightly longer warning for the tank Boss abilities require faster reactions by the tank

Bouncing Fire Strikes math to draw the visible beams is taken from Moira Orb Projection V1.1 by BarTender
Special thanks to CactusPuppy for creating the original ow1 version of the video trailer. (which I tried to replicate with my limited video editing skills)

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Boss Mode, PvE
Heroes: Reinhardt, Ashe, Hanzo, Junkrat, Soldier: 76, and 4 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.0.0

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