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An Enhanced Version of Mischief & Magic!

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-Games will now require 8 round victories to win the match.
-Added workshop setting to change round victory requirement.
-Added workshop setting to change detection range for hunters.
-Players must wait until the next round to play and cannot join mid-round.

Rogue Kiriko

  • New Ability (Sprint)

  • Sprint - Primary Fire:
    -Allows a prop player to run 3x faster.
    -Cannot transform or stun while sprinting.
    -Sprinting drains stamina bar.
    -25% of stamina is required to start sprinting.

  • Transform - Ability 1:
    -Now has no cooldown.
    -Now has an instant cast time.
    -No longer grants speed and jump boost.

  • Stun - Ability 2:
    -Stun time reduced to 1.5s
    -Now hacks targets for 2.5s after stun

  • Taunt - Passive:
    -Frequency reduced by 75%.

Knight Genji

  • Melee - Primary Fire:
    -Now damages the player for 25 if a prop player is not hit.

  • New Ability (Grenade)

  • Grenade - Secondary Fire:
    -Allows a hunter to fire a grenade that does low damage to prop players.
    -Throwing grenade damages player for 15.
    -Can be thrown every 5 seconds.

  • Dash - Ability 1:
    -Now damages the player for 25 if a prop player is not hit.

  • Dragon Blade - Ultimate:
    -Charge rate increased.

  • New Passive (Regeneration)

  • Regeneration - Passive:
    -Heals hunter for 4.5hp/s.

  • New Passive (Detection)

  • Detection - Passive:
    -Activates when using ultimate.
    -A pop up appears when a prop player is within 15m.

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: Genji, Kiriko
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.5



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