Avengers Endgame Bossbattle


An Endgame themed boss battle where The Avengers have to kill Thanos before he kills them.


Thanos has to kill the Avengers 30 times to win and The Avengers have to kill Thanos


Each Avenger has their own set of unqiue abities that they can use to fight Thanos as shown on the top of the screen

Who is who

  • Ana= Nick Fury
  • Baptiste= Wakandan Warrior
  • Bastion=Iron Patriot Suit
  • Brigitte= Captain America
  • Doom= Black Panther/ Thanos
  • Dva= Hulk Buster
  • Echo= Rescue Suit
  • Genji= Ronin
  • Hanzo= Hawkeye
  • Mcree= Bucky
  • Mercy= Valkyrie
  • Moira= Scarlet Witch
  • Pharah= Ironman
  • Reinhart= Thor
  • Soldier 76= Antman
  • Sombra= Mantis
  • Symmetra= Shuri
  • Tracer= Wasp
  • Winston= Professer Hulk
  • Wrecking Ball= Rocket Racoon
  • Widowmaker= Spiderman
  • Zarya= Captain Marvel
  • Zenyatta= Doctor Strange

Thanos's abilities

Thanos can use the infinity stones to fight against the avengers.

Power stone

Increases Thanos's power

Reality stone

Lifts ups enemies and slams them on the ground
Also makes Thanos fly

Souls stone

Gain 500 armour that regenerates and lasts for 10seconds

Mind stone

Sleeps all enemies infront of Thanos

Space Stone

Teleport and explode enemies infront of you

Time stone

Gain 5000 temporaray sheilds
Increase speed

The snap

Kills everyone in a short period of time.



**Creators and other jobs

Who Made It : 잎깨#3713
Balancer and Website designer: Outward#4904


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Are you still updating this game?


I'm using the newest update yet Baptiste is still disabled.

Outward creator

Fixed it


i havent played this hut i can already tell this is amazing


Yo dude, amazing game! Keep up the good work!

Update Log (12)



Revised Hud and Changed Some heroes abilities!!

Sorry being late on the update xD


Wakandan warrior (baptiste)

-primary fire vibranium spear tip blaster now has a little delay between the two blasts

Ironman (pharah)

-an extra ability called micro rockets can now be fired by pressing interact.
-fixed a bug where her camera view doesnt change when using the energy shield

Wasp (tracer)

-a new ultimate called "pym suit manipulation" was added. This ability shrinks all of her teammates for 5 seconds.
-removed enhanced punch which was melee. Melee is now replaced with a wrist blaster.

Bucky (mccree)

-The yellow glowing effect when using his ultimate M249 is now only visible for the player. This gives him a less risk of getting spotted and allows him to deal more damage.

Spiderman (widowmaker)

-removed wing suit
-now spiderman can use grappling webs every 1 second by pressing secondary fire
-grappling webs now have a melee animation
-you can not shoot your web shooter anymore during spiderman's ultimate Iron Spider Legs

Captain Marvel (Zarya)

-when a landing spot is selected for her ultimate Energy Kamikaze, she now falls 2 times faster toward the landing spot.

Rocket the raccoon (wreckingball)

-now has a better flight animation


-fixed a bug where some heros have to die and respawn to cancel their original ult


-Added Baptiste/Wakadan Warrior

Baptiste/Wakadan Warrior

  • leftclick = Two rounds of vibranium spear tip blasters

  • rightclick = Vibranium cape shield

  • shift = Vibranium heal that heals nearby allies to their max health instantly

  • crouch = Vibranium sneakers that gives the player instant boost jump up into the air

  • ultimate = Combat mode, allows the player to move faster, deal more damage and take less damage for a short period of time

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