If I See You Move, You Die - All Heroes Viable, Seeker Punch & More + 1 sources

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-somehow make seeker more fun to play
-limit Seekers to 1 Player while only 5 Runners joined match.
-a teleporter for seekers to quickly get back to the goal
-slightly increased sneak speed for all heroes
-improve HUD/notification clutter
-fix some bugs involving notifications
-fix and improve some maps
-make dva second life more reliable

Map Variety & Balance Changes:
-Added a Reversed Maps version with reversed spawn points and custom teleporters to get in and out of closed spawn rooms.
-Added wait times for Runners on round start to make some smaller maps viable for the game mode und to improve the pacing of maps in general.

Seeker Punch: Inspired by Tracer bomb on a 45-75 (depending on how many Runners alive) second cooldown all Seekers can Melee Runners to teleport them back to spawn.

To that end Seekers don't get the instant Notifications of closeby Runners in a big radius, (that one only triggers when almost in 3.7m range). However Seekers do get a 3 second delayed notification when they have been within 18 meters of a Runner. (So Seekers have to look around the area to find the exact hiding spot)

Seeker Punch is disabled within 40 meters of the goal, if only 1 Runner is alive, when only 90 seconds are remaining, and around a Roadhog. Can also be avoided by Runners by knocking back Seekers, teleporting or phasing out, or by using Protected shield.

ADDED ANTI-CAMP: rule checks your position against where you stood 2 seconds ago, if you stay too close multiple times it sleeps you for 3 seconds just like the existing player-camping mechanic. lazy coding but effective. players camping radius has been nerfed in range a bit. all cc abilties and anti-camp also somewhat reset the counter of the new anti-camp. technically Seekers can just walks in a larger circle, also more cc and being forced to always walk could make the role more frustrating to play, but it does seem to help create more movement opportunities.

RUNNER HERO CHANGES: The goal was to end the stale meta of Doomfists+Moira+Mercy, bring down the power level of Doomfist specifcally, but bring every other hero up to that powerlevel, giving them new abilities when necessary, or whole identities for Zarya or Ramattra for example who don't have anything Movement related in their kit useful for a Hide and Seek gamemode.

Ana (CC): Unchanged 100%spd

Ashe (Move/Scout): Has Dash, Custom Ability: Hired Guns (creates bots that briefly confuse Seekers) 100%spd.

Baptiste (Move/Score) : Jumps high and moves fast mid-air 100%spd/160% mid-air after short delay.

Bastion (Move): Walks fast, can't jump well. 136%spd

Brigitte (Move/CC): Has Dash and Whipshot (useful to prevent Seeker Punch) 100%spd

Cassidy (Move/CC): Has Dash and Nade Freezes Seekers for 1.9 seconds. 100%spd

D.Va (Move): Unchanged 100%spd

Doomfist (Move/Skip): No Seismic Slam, Shoter Ultimate with faster Generation 100%spd.

Echo (Move): Silent, Flight on high cooldown, instant Duplicate, 95%spd.

Genji (Move+): Has Dash, takes damage using it but heals while walking. 95%spd

Hanzo (Move/Scout): Has buffed Dash, Sonic Arrow, 100%spd

Junker Queen (Move/Support): Instant Ult with max Generation, Shout. 100%spd

Junkrat (Move): has custom Passive Ability that will remove Burn and propel him forward alongside 2 Clones, 90s cooldown. 98%spd

Kiriko (Skip): has high jump and very low gravity = can glide on rooftops, hold crouch to fall fast. 94%spd

Lúcio (Support): can wallride while using Amp It Up. 91%spd

Mei (CC): just has her Icewall. 100%spd

Mercy (Support): revives. 103%spd

Moira (Score): 98%spd

Orisa (CC): Lance Freezes for 1.9 seconds and teleports Orisa to enemy, leaving spawn grants temporary spd buff. 106%spd

Pharah (Move): has abilities on high cooldown. 100%spd

Ramattra (Specialist): revives upon death until last minute, custom speedboost. 100%spd

Reaper (Score): wraith form, revives random ally every 105 seconds. 100%spd

Reinhardt (CC): can look around corners with shield, lowered cooldown on charge and ult to annoy Seekers. 103%spd

Roadhog (CC): Hacks, Slows and prevents Punch in area around him, Hook also freezes Seeker for 1.9s and propels Roadhog forward.

Sigma (Move): Silent, faster while ulting, Protected while using Grasp. 100%spd

Sojourn (Move/CC): slide, Disruptor Shot roots hit Seekers. 100%spd

Sombra (Score): Has short-range Translocator, disabled while burning 98%spd.

Soldier: 76 (Move): Fast and Versatile but uses Health as a Resource. 100%spd

Symmetra (Support): Has Teleporter on 60s cooldown. 95%spd

Torbjörn (Scout/Specialist): Is tiny, has Turret that briefly scouts. 103%spd

Tracer (Score): Selfdamages with Blink, heals while walking. 95%spd

Widowmaker (Move/Scout): Ults shorter but more often. 99%spd

Winston (Move): monke yump. 100%spd

Wrecking Ball (Scout): can look around corners, slower, jumps high and falls fast, use grapple when high, due to uneven surfaces often preventing invisibility he has a custom invisibility on crouch after brief delay, even midair (though with higher cooldown). crouch sometimes bugs through ground in doorways (if that happens press interact)

Zarya (Support): Taxi Ability: bubble puts ally on your shoulders and grants you high speed for 4.5 seconds, then drops the ally off and teleports Zarya back to her starting location. 110%spd

Zenyatta (Skip): silent, has instant ult that makes him invible and protected 100%spd.

some slightly nerfed, like tracer cooldowns and movespeed, wrecking ball grapple disabled. heroes without movement abilities are disabled, also reinhardt and brigitte because they don't have melee attacks needed for Seeker Punch unfortunately, could just put it on another button for them eventually.


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Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hide and Seek
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 31 more...
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