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Brig tank rework 1.0.1

- Basic Stuff

  • Health increased to 500

  • Damage Taken increased by 10% to help against rally.

  • Healing dealt decreased to 0%

- Ability Rework

  • Repair Kit reworked into Amplifier Kit, It has 5 bursts of damage amplifiers, going from 100 to 150. it only affects players in a 10 meter radius of Brigitte. it also has a 10 second cooldown Technically 15 considering the bursts but meh

  • No longer has Shield Bash

  • Whipshot knockback decreased by 10%

- Ultimate

Increased the cost Combat by 50%

Increased the cost Passive by 20%

to me, Brigitte never fit the role of a support. she always flexed as a tank or dps, rarely support with her repair kits or her passive. so I always thought if blizzard would change her role but it never happened until now thanks to workshop. Brigitte is now a secondary tank with her ability to amp up damage and also her rally gives her team a chance to go in with armor. I made Amplifier Kit because as a Tank she needs something unique, like how Roadhog has a Hook or how Orisa has Fortify. It also helps her team against shields. Brigitte is now instead of a Main/Secondary Healer, she is a Secondary Tank who destroys shields and gives armor. She will be your shield!

Bug reports would be appreciative.

Bug #1: Brigitte's Amplifier Kit kept your damage at 150 after using it.

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