Lifeweaver Healing Turret (Life Grip Replacement)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Hello, this was a quick experimental mode I made using a healing turret code from YouTube user Oni Kidou. It's not perfect, but it gives you a general sense of how Lifeweaver could benefit from having healing turrets.

To test this, you'll have to fill the player slots with AI.

It heals the lowest HP ally within 15m (so allies aren't restricted to a small area and he has more options when placing it) of it for 25 HP, with a 1 second cooldown before it can heal again. HP is not set, but a hitbox and value similar to Sym's turrets is what I was going for. Design could be a rose shape. Could use some balance work, but you get the idea.

This could give Lifeweaver a bit more survivability as well, helping to compensate for his tank-sized hitbox.

Healing turrets didn't work well with Symmetra due to the turrets being her only healing source and not really meshing well with the rest of her kit, but maybe Lifeweaver could pull it off.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
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Current version: 1.0



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