ELDRAZEAL - Deep Melee Mode with Animal Powers

Eldrazeal is a deep melee-focused game, where you pick from 37+ different dark fantasy heroes, with 4+ Skills and 12+ Animal Powers, and fight other players.

Learn your new Hero Skills and Animal Powers, and combine them together skillfully to - Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear their lamentations!

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Table of Contents

  1. Animal Powers
  2. Heroes and Hero Skills

Animal Powers


Attacking Lion

(Melee / Primary Fire)

  • A high damage melee attack
  • Use this often and in combination with States and Hero Skills
Crouching Turtle


  • Block almost all Damage and CC


  • This is indicated by the Blue Flash
  • When you succesfully Parry you will Stun the enemy, allowing you to counter attack
  • After Parry you become invincible for a second
  • During Parry you cannot be killed


  • This is indicated by the Blue Aura
  • Has limited duration that further lowers when you take damage
  • It can break, leaving you Stunned, so be careful when you use it
Hugging Bear


  • Grab enemies and Throw them where you aim
  • When thrown enemies are vulnerable to follow-up attacks
  • Hugging Bear requires that you be looking at the enemies and touching them
  • It is a very close-ranged maneuver
  • If you miss, you will perform Raging Elephant and left Stunned
  • However if they have recently used Turtle, Cobra or Sparrow (indicated by Purple Smoke), this will allow you to Grab them much more easily
Raging Elephant


  • Invincible Attack
  • When you are not in range of Hugging Bear, you will do Raging Elephant
  • You become Invincible, deal Bonus Damage and get Stunned
  • Raging Elephant by itself is very slow to start, can be blocked easily and can be punished really hard
  • However Raging Elephant can start up while your Hero Skills are in animation, so the slow start can be mitigated
Eluding Sparrow


  • Dodge all Damage and CC
  • Hold Left or Right to side-step in that direction


Flying Eagle

(Jump or be in air for half a second)

  • Aerial Attack/ Jump Attack
  • When you deal damage from the air, you will deal Bonus Damage and Knock Down
  • While in the air, Jump again to Soaring Eagle - Double Jump, or hold Crouch to fast fall - Plunging Eagle
  • When you get hit while in the air, you get knocked off balance
Dashing Hog

(Forward Foward)

  • Dash forward
  • When you deal damage, you will Knock Back
  • Enemies who are Knocked Back will get Stunned further, upon taking damage
  • Enemies who hit a Wall when Knocked Back, take damage
  • When you get hit during the Dash, you Slip
Rising Monkey

(Hold Crouch)

  • Uppercut
  • When you deal damage, you Knock Enemies up
  • Rising Monkey puts enemies in Eagle state, where dealing damage will knock them off balance
  • While trying to perform Monkey, you are easier to Grab
Striking Cobra

(Hold Interact)

  • Become CC resistant
  • When you melee or deal damage, you will Cripple the enemy and cause them to Bleed
  • Bleeding enemies will have their Eagle, Hog and Fish instantly countered
  • Bleeding enemies can be used to combo with other Animal powers that require Damage to trigger e.g. Rising Monkey
  • While peforming Cobra, you are easier to Grab
Warding Scorpion

(Back Back)

  • Armour Up and absorb enemy strikes
  • When you melee or deal damage, you will Hack the enemy, disabling their Hero Skills
  • When the Hack ends, they will take damage
  • If you get hit multiple times during Scorpion with a hard-hitting ability, you will get the Hack Bomb placed on yourself
Crushing Fish

(Hold Reload)

  • Ramp Up, your damage ramps up
  • When you melee or deal damage, you will deal Damage in a large Area and Freeze anyone in the area
  • You will strike them regardless of whether they are blocking
  • When you get hit during Fish, you get Frozen


Leeching Bat

Life Regeneration

  • You regenerate a limited portion of health out of combat

Life Steal

  • When you deal damage, you will heal a portion of that damage

Life on Kill

  • When you score an Elimination, you will heal a portion of your health over a few seconds
Brooding Wolf

  • Taking damage will grant Ultimate Charge

Heroes and Hero Skills


Claws of Hatred Melee, Generates Wrath
Resource Wrath Builds quickly, degenerates quickly
Infernal Blast Close-ranged, Stun, Costs 100 Wrath
Vampiric Grasp Mid-Range, Costs 100 Wrath
Fade Super Jump
Orb of Corruption Damage over Time
Trapped in Duality Damage over Time

Cultist Gameplay -

This video features the Cultist's Infernal Blast skill -



The Way of the Foot Melee
Inner Fire Projectile, Charge Up, Multihit
Cyclone Kick Mid-Range, Pull
Consuming Flame Dash, Stun
Transcendence Ultimate, Invulnerability, Transformation
Iron Fist Damage, requires Transcendence

Monk Gameplay -



Spiritual Strike Melee
Lightning Bolt Projectile, Wind Up
Windrunner Super Jump
Spirit Realm Invisibility
Lightning Storm Ultimate, Multi-Hit

Shaman Gameplay -



Life Drain Melee
Petal Platform Platform
Flow Dash
Life Grip Attract, Hack
Tree of Life Ultimate, Activates Thorn Volley
Thorn Volley Projectile, Multihit

Lifeweaver Gameplay -


More hero info and videos coming soon!

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: July 18, 2024

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