Mercy 4.0 (Mass heal) by Hige#1101

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Initial concept can be found here, done by me a while ago:

Regen (E on alive players)

Mercy throws a tiny projectile that travels to the target and activates after a brief pause, the target receives 15 hp/s that can stack with any other sources of healing. 20 Seconds cooldown

Known issues:

Naturally since this skill overlays on top of Resurrect, everytime you use it you hear the “unable to use” sound

Mass Heal (Upon Ult cast)

Mercy releases an expanding wave of healing around her, every ally caught in the radius is healed 100 hp instantly, Line of sight is not necessary

Known Issues:

None O.o which I find surprising honestly lol

Valkyrie (ult)

Upon Cast Mercy will perform Mass Heal and will be propelled 2m upwards while receiving 25 hp instantly, healing during valk is now single target but buffed to 65 hp/s. Everything else remains the same (Free Flight, infinite Ammo, Multi dmg beam, ongoing Health regen)

Known Issues:

Regen is deactivated during Valk, this is not a bug

Valk’s healing beam branches are visible still but don’t heal

There’s an effect for the healing target that is currently missing (or might pop from time to time) because I haven’t figured out how to restrict the effect to only the beam and not the pistol


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