🔥Seita's 1v1 Arena but with all heroes enabled🔥 + 2 sources

Credit to Seita and Mrpig100 for creating the gamemode.
Credit to Bluejay for the stacking damage numbers.

This is a version of Seita's 1v1 gamemode but with all heroes enabled. It has been balanced accordingly. My friend and I played this a ton and tweaked it quite a lot to try and make things as fair as possible. If you have any suggestions for changes to make the matchups more fair, please suggest them in a comment.

-all heroes enabled
-floating damage numbers
-expanded dome size
-less burn when outside dome 🔥
-nerfed ult charge
-round time extended to 60 seconds ⌚
-enemies become visible through walls if they hide for too long in arena 1
-victories disabled, match goes forever
-choose your first hero

-nerfed tank HP, usually by half

-nerfed self heal

-sym and torb turrets disabled, sym tele cooldown reduced

-sombra invisibility disabled, tele cooldown reduced

-nerfed pharah's gas

-fast ult/spawn with ult

-extra ammo, extra grapples

-more firestrikes

-more jumps

-more self bubbles

-no immortality field


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: 1vs1
Heroes: All
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 10



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