Hide and Seek

  • Hide and Seek gamemode on deathmatch maps with 1 seeker and 8 hiders.
  • Seeker gets randomly choosen each round
  • 10 minutes to seek and 1 minute to hide
  • Seeker has wallhack (every 2 minutes for 10 seconds)
  • Teleporters on every Assault-, Escort- and Hybrid-deathmatch map
  • Mercy can use guardian angle and is able to revive hider
  • Lifeweaver can use his life grip
  • Kiriko can use her teleport
  • Sombra got adjusted to be more fair in this gamemode
  • Multiple workshop settings to costumize the game: * Setting to enable / disbale teleporter
    • Settings for scores for hider and seeker
    • Setting to shrink hider
    • Settings for random heroes for hider/seeker
    • Settings for Mercys, Lifeweavers, Kirikos and Sombras abilitys
    • Settings to enable/disable and adjust wallhack for seeker

(Black Forest, Necropolis and Ecopoint:Antarctica are disabled because i think they are to small to play hide and seek on them (But you can play on them if you want))

Mercy Enemy GA | Made by jprosk
Gamemode made by LordHobbito
Deligated by Alibi007007

Old Patchnotes:


  • privatly initial release

V1.1 - 1.3:

  • Made many changes to the gamemode (i don't know what changes anymore)


  • Mercy as hider is now able to GA to other hiders
  • adjusted Sombra Translocator / Camouflage cooldown
  • Seeker don't get anymore teleported away from map if game time is 10 min or below
  • adjusted available maps
  • adjusted map description


  • if Mercy revive a hider, seeker now gets point removed per revive (because hider now is again alive and not dead)
  • adjusted map description


  • fixed wall-hack for seeker
  • fixed indication for sombras camouflage


  • fixed all things, which got broken from transition to Overwatch 2
  • seeker gets now randomly selected every round
  • there is now 1 minute preporation time (during this time seeker gets randomly selected; you can use any ability, but you can't do any damage in this time)
  • new heros are now playable


  • Kiriko is now able to use her teleport
  • reduced preporation time from 1 minute to 30 seconds
  • Mercy now resurrects the person she stands next to
  • new vfx for Kiriko and Mercy (player outlines) + teleport sound for Kiriko
  • new hud-text for Mercy


  • Added several workshop settings
  • Reworked the adjustments for Sombras abilities


  • New Hero Lifeweaver is now playable
  • Lifeweaver can use his life grip (only as hider)
  • Added vfx for life grip ability
  • Life grip cooldown is adjustable via workshop settings
  • Adjusted vfx for Lifeweaver and Mercy if Shrunk-Mode is activated

Now have fun with this gamemode

Players | 1 - 9
Categories: Hide and Seek
Tags: just hide and seek
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.5

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