Patient Zero's Zombie Infection: Can You Survive?


Humans win by surviving until time runs out. Patient Zero wins by infecting everyone. Patient Zero and his zombies infect using melee. Time pauses at the beginning of the game and will only unpause when time is reduced to 2 minutes using orbs or when zombies infect half the server. Press crouch to collect dome buffs (humans only) and orbs. There are human and zombie versions of every hero in the game except Lucio (for balance reasons).


  • Press crouch to collect dome buffs (humans only) and orbs.

  • Orbs give humans match time reduction and zombies a revealed human (3 secs).

  • The numbers of orbs spawned is equal to number of zombies in the game.

  • Burn and Freeze domes give humans burn and freeze buffs.

  • Burn buff applies damage over time on attacks that prevent zombies from getting shield regen.

  • Freeze buff applies a freeze every few secondss on attack.


  • Humans have white outlines, once killed by zombie melees or by killing oneself, you become infected and become one of Patient Zero's zombies.

Some of the Hero Deviations from the base game:

  • Sigma : Sigma's shift allows him to have 0 gravity during use. This applies to human and Zombie Sigma
  • Torbjorn : Human Torb's hammer stuns zombies. Zombie Torb does not have this ability.
  • Baptiste : When Bap ults, Bap unloads his clip on auto fire.
  • Symmetra Sym's secondary is on zero projectile speed and can be used to block off areas to zombies.


  • Zombies have green outlines.
  • Zombies have shields as health for regeneration
  • Zombies melee and use certain abilities depending on hero
  • Zombies do not have ultimates but move faster than humans
  • Patient Zero starts with more health than humans and decreases in health with each infection
  • All zombies players have the same health

  • Pictures and more info to be added later
Categories: Free for all, Survival
Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
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Current version: 1.0.2



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