New version: Friendly server (With In-World keyboard)


Friendly Server with In-World Keybaord

CTRL + F = Create the keyboard (Only host can create it but everyone can use it)
To press a key on keyboard, press F or Primary Fire
In-World keyboard by JustMonika#2772

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Hello, this is a great custom gamemode for chilling, but for me whenever i host it, and many players do stuff, somehow crash the server.
I also have some suggestions and questions
For Rank A(Host), whenever the number changes, put a little text box in a the opposite upper corner, somehow like this: Revive - Kill
Edit: Lmao you found me in your own custom game

JustMonika#2772 creator

I'll work on your suggestions for the next version. Thanks :)


hey, CTRL+F only changes a number on the top left of the screen. What does that do?

JustMonika#2772 creator

I forget to write about the admin tools. for the host player, pressing CTRL+F will switch between different modes. If that number is one and if you look at a player and press right click (secondary tire) it will kill the player that you're looking at. If you press left click it will revive that dead player. You can also test the other numbers and see for yourself what does each number do. I only created the keyboard. These admin tools is made by ǴARŊE

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