Overmodded is a collection of custom modifiers that mix up the playstyle of all your favorite heroes!

The Mods

Overmodded has lots of mods that can dramatically change the way you play your hero. Everyone gets to pick a mod when they first spawn. Each mod is represented by a special icon and can be switched at any time by holding Interact in the spawn room.


A boring mod that doesn't change your hero at all


A mod that allows you to turn any hero into a tank

  • +25% Health
  • +150 Armor Health
  • +30% Size
  • -25% Damage/Healing

New Ability: Heavy Punch

Melee an enemy to stun and knock them back

  • This ability does more damage than a regular melee attack
  • This ability has a cooldown
  • Reinhardt and Brigitte activate this ability with their primary fire

Glass Cannon

A high risk high reward mod that increases your damage and healing, but reduces your health

  • +25% Damage/Healing
  • -25% Health

New Ability: Cooldown Reset

Press interact to instantly reset all of your active cooldowns

  • It also resets ability resources like Defense Matrix and Moira's Biotic Energy
  • This ability has a cooldown


A mod that lets you heal your teammates

  • -15% Damage/Healing

New Ability: Healing Beam

Hold interact and look at a nearby ally to heal them

  • This ability is very similar to Mercy's primary healing
  • This ability can't be used at the same time as other abilities, but has no cooldown


A mod that decreases your health to move faster

  • +30% Movement Speed
  • 50% of health converted to shield health
  • -25% Health

New Ability: Quick Dash

Press interact to quickly dash in the direction you're looking

  • This ability works similarly to Genji's Swift Strike, but without damage
  • This ability has a cooldown


A mod that makes your hero smaller and gives you several team oriented abilities

  • -70% Size
  • -30% Damage/Healing
  • -50% Health
  • -50% Movement Speed

New Ability: Hide

Press interact while looking at a nearby ally to hide in their pocket

  • You are immune to damage while hiding
  • Only some abilities are available while hiding
  • Movement abilities, abilities that deal damage, and abilities that don't work well for other technical reasons aren't available
  • You can stop hiding by pressing interact, crouch, or jump
  • Using jump to stop hiding will launch you in your facing direction
  • This ability does not have a cooldown

New Ability: Respawn Beacon

Press melee while hiding in an ally's pocket to give them your Respawn Beacon

  • The Respawn Beacon causes you to respawn at their position and reduces your respawn time to 5 seconds
  • If the player carrying your Respawn Beacon dies the beacon will be destroyed
  • It can also be manually destroyed by holding interact
  • This ability has a cooldown

Tunnel Vision

A mod that allows you to counter one player more easily at the cost of making it easier for their teammates to counter you

  • +50% Damage to Target
  • -25% Damage to Others

New Ability: Target

Damage an enemy to make them your new target

  • In addition to the extra damage an icon shows you where your target is
  • You can only change your target after you die
  • The enemy player you're targeting can see a HUD warning that they're being targetted
  • This ability can't be used if there's only one player on the other team
  • This ability does not have a cooldown


A mod that allows you to resist crowd controls, but reduces your movement speed

  • +12.5% Health
  • -50% Knockback Recieved
  • 0.2 Second Max Stun Duration
  • -25% Move Speed

New Ability: Unbreakable

Press interact to reduce your damage taken, deal more damage, move slower, and become even more resistant to knockback

  • This ability has a limited duration
  • This ability has a cooldown


An alternative choice to the fast mod that reduces your damage and health in exchange for more vertical mobility

  • -20% Damage/Healing
  • -20% Health

New Ability: Fly

Press jump in the air to flap your wings and go upward

  • This ability does not have a cooldown, but using it costs Flight Stamina
  • You'll automatically regenerate Flight Stamina on the ground
  • Your hero gets cool animated wings while using flight mod abilities

New Ability: Glide

Hold jump while falling to glide

  • Gliding increases your speed and makes you fall slower
  • This ability also costs Flight Stamina to use and doesn't have a cooldown


A mod that improves your stats, but only if you're well rested

When Rested

  • +15% Damage/Healing
  • +15% Health
  • +15% Movement Speed

When Tired

  • Reduced Accuracy
  • -15% Movement Speed

New Ability: Nap

Press interact to take a nap

  • Napping restores your sleep resource, heals you, and generates ultimate charge
  • Your sleep resource slowly depletes while you're awake
  • When your sleep resource bar is green you get well rested stat buffs
  • When the bar is blue your stats are normal
  • When the bar is purple you get tired debuffs
  • If your sleep resource runs out completely you'll fall asleep whether you want to or not
  • This ability has a short cooldown


Another mobility mod that allows you to move faster, but forces you to move forward all of the time

  • +50% Movement Speed
  • You always move forward

New Ability: Shove

Press interact to sprint forward and shove enemies out of your way

  • The melee attacks triggered by this ability do extra knockback
  • You move faster while using this ability
  • This ability has a cooldown


A mod that lets you temporarily copy other players' heroes

New Ability: Copy

Copy another player's hero and their stats every 20 seconds

  • This ability triggers automatically
  • You can control which player you copy by looking at them when the ability triggers
  • You can't copy the same hero twice in a row
  • If nobody is visible the copied hero will be random

Easy Hosting Tools

This gamemode comes with several easy to use autohost tools that can make hosting easier. They can be found in the autohost section of the Workshop settings, but are disabled by default.

Automatic Restarts with Randomized Teams

Make the game automatically restart after the play of the game and shuffle the teams around

  • This feature has no matchmaking, so it might make terrible matches sometimes.

Minimum Players Needed to Start

Make the game wait for this many players before starting automatically

  • Setting this to 0 will make the game start immediately
  • Setting it to 13 will allow you to start the game manually
Players | 2 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 30 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2.2

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